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  • Gary J. Thomas "GoPSULions" - Still greatI have been using the H&R Block and its predecessor for many years. My taxes are pretty simple now, and could do on paper, by why? The s/w lets me import the previous year's data as a starting point, so I can have our basic data (address, filers,...) already filled in, which you can edit of course. I always purchase the Deluxe + State version as it includes federal, 1 state, and multiple federal e-files. It is great to e-file, as you can get a refund in a couple weeks or less. The s/w checks for missing data and values that seem out of whack. You can use the interview method, which ask questions to get the necessary data, which is what I use, or you can directly access the forms. The interview method is great as it fills in all the necessary forms for you. For those with small businesses, or rental properties, there is another version available.

    You can use worksheets to fill in certain fields. For example, for cash charities, can enter every one on its on line in a worksheet, and the total is then entered in the correct forms.

    Another reason I like using s/w is say you forget an item, or need to correct something. Once you enter the item/correction, everything is automatically recalculated - no need to go through pages of forms and erase, or start over.
    The state version will import the data from the federal interview/forms and will then have a more abbreviated interview process.

    You have the option to print to mail in taxes or e-file. And you can print copies for your records, including any worksheets.

    I buy for under $30, and feel that is a great value to make sure there are not math errors and for the free e-file (must pay to e-file state forms).
  • Danaii - Wonderful product.I received a free sample from Smiley 360 and tried it out. I have used Abreva in the past but the numb on contact with Orajel is so much better. It really allowed me to get the medicine where I needed it and within 2 days the sore was gone. I'm no longer dreading the cold weather.