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  • tastescrunchy - UnbelievableI read this book for a class (at Lehigh University) and absolutely flew through it. It started as a beautiful story, Zeitoun and his family history, his time in New Orleans as well-known a painter/contractor. Even after Katrina hit, he was canoeing around in 9 feet of water rescuing elderly people in need and feeding animals. The book takes a gut-wrenching turn for the worst when he is arrested, brutalized, and held captive for a month at a maximum security prison set up in New Orleans. My jaw dropped several times reading this book. Many times the scene in NO was described as third-world. I was horrified at the way my own country (both officials as well as FEMA) handled the disaster. Before Zeitoun I was utterly misinformed about Katrina. It has opened my eyes, and was also a great read. Read. This. Book.
  • John S Helm - LOVE ITFirst tablet that I have bought. Does almost everything I wanted it for. I would and have recommended it to friends.