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  • CTReader "KD" - Excellent Thriller - Read at Your Own Risk!!I won't go into details already covered. I will say this book was Outstanding. The subject matter is quite disturbing especially for women. There is a true monster in this book that leaves you in shock. The thing I loved about this book was it just kept you guessing to the very end. You will have a hard time figuring this book out and that's what makes it so good. The writing was quite good. I had a hard time putting this one down. I enjoy finding new and exciting authors and this one delivers. Looking forward to more by this Author.
  • Julie Lynch - great bookBook was great, answered a lot of questions I had, was honest, at least as honest as Artie can be. I still don't understand the Stern blackout as to Artie's condition or as to why he abruptly left the show but that's the way Howard is, not as forthcoming as he pretends to be. Anyway, I wish Artie & Adrienne the best & please stay off the drink & drugs - you are too good for that. Anthony Bozza is an excellent writer, will be looking for more books from him in the future. Recommend this book highly.

    Just want to mention that the Stern show has really suffered without Artie but it might be best for Artie not to return as it sounds like the early morning hours were very bad for his health.
  • Kiersten White - perfect for beginersThis DVD is exactly what I was looking for.Something that could teach me the basics of Cake Decorating.With my work schedule I am unable to take the Wiltons class at this time.I really wanted to learn some basic Cake Decorating.I have been baking a long time but I had no decorating skills,I wanted to have a nice finished product.So I researched Cake Decorating DVD's and choose the Wilton's,and now I'm on my way.I've made some very pretty Cakes that have suprised me.This DVD really deliver's it's easy to follow and I've learned alot.I highly recomend this DVD to anyone that wants to learn to Decorate Cakes.
  • muddy boots - My first swim cap--- It works!I decided it was time to buy a swim cap to protect my hair from the damage being done by pool chemicals. My hair is thick and goes past my shoulders. I wet it, put it on a bun, and put on my swim cap. It's not too tight and doesn't pull my hair. I tested the cap with dry hair, and it does let in some pool water around the edges, but I'm very very satisfied with it. I hadn't used a swim cap before buying this one, and was hoping maybe it would keep water out of my ears. It doesn't, just FYI.
  • J. Phelps "A painter, a cook, a lover of dark... - Uplifting, Sad, Thought-provokingThis book was my introduction to Jess Walter and I am glad for the discovery. Having edited the work of a few other writers, and being a life-long reader, I feel qualified to say Mr. Walter is a talented Word Wizard. He effectively uses words to open our minds to more than just the black and white. I refer to the black and white of words on paper as well as life choices.
    The story struck me as sad because there is no sugar coating of how humans act and think; we often do little more than survive the ride. The uplifting part comes when you realize that "surviving the ride" can be the prize. The lucky ones will recognize and embrace the prize. As a fun bonus the reader is taken back in time with references to people and events that are part of our history. Now that I have finished the book it continues lurking around in my head. That fact leads me to conclude this was a worthwhile read.