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  • PurplePanda - Informative and adds to the excitement of planning your WDW tripEven though we have been to WDW several times over the years, we usually by a travel guide to keep us up to date on new attractions, resorts, restaurants, etc. This guide has a section for each of the parks, and provides a overview of each attraction, show, character meet and greet location, restaurant and resort within the WDW complex. I like to flip through and look for the "hot tips". The Kingdom Keepers Quest in the back of the book is fun for those who have read Ridley Pearson's series of book.
  • S. R. Lane - This book was review bombed by an activist groupI haven't read this book yet, but that's OK because none of the 25 one-star reviews read it either. Note that many have been left in a row a lot of them contain text copy-pasted from a fetal alcohol syndrome group.

    While I haven't actually read the book, I can address their beef: The proof that restrained drinking after the first trimester has no effect on the fetus is overwhelming. Most European countries don't hand out cold-turkey drinking advice to pregnant mothers, so we have a ton of data on this. The primary reason that medical professionals in the US advise no drinking at all is that people with a drinking problem are known to drastically underestimate how much they're drinking. So if you're a pregnant alcoholic and are told that a little bit is all right, you're likely to drink a lot and convince yourself it's a little bit. The guidelines in the US are primarily social engineering targeting that group. That's actually not an unreasonable position for medical advice to take. It's just not *scientific*.

    I knew this when I was pregnant and still didn't drink. It seemed like a good mental exercise.

    Now go read the book. :)
  • Loraine - Nice small profile grillWe've been using this grill for a couple of months now and it has been great. We bought the Home Depot model for $269 and it has been a dream. It has such a nice, small profile with the fantastic drop down sides. I have a small courtyard and this fits perfectly in the corner.

    To begin, it has a rich look to it. It is also very easy to clean. Make sure to use a brass brush if you have porcelain grates. We used a stainless brush that was supposedly safe for porcelain but it peeled the finish right off. Thankfully, the store replaced the grates for free. No problems since we started using the brass brush. A small area on the front stainless by the door discolored after one use. It is a small area but nonetheless turned a little yellow.

    Things cook very quickly. We took the advise of another who said to test the heat by placing bread on the surface. Great tip! Different areas (front to back) seem to be hotter. Those who say the meat turns gray must not be searing correctly. We have cooked steak, pork chops, hamburgers and fish on it. We make sure to sear the meat at a very high temp and the meat looks beautiful and comes out juicy with a nice crust. Those who say there is no taste, again, I don't understand that. I bought a couple of packages of flavored woods chips but have not yet used them. It just isn't necessary as the food has a nice taste.

    I bought the cover from Amazon and it fits like a glove. It really is necessary if keeping outside. BTW, there is no rust on ours as some others have commented.

    My only complaint, and it's pretty minor, is that the sides do get very hot. Do not touch without a glove and do not put anything on it that will melt. I also think the sides are its greatest feature since I wanted a small grill with drop down sides...I believe this is the only one like it unless you buy a Coleman stove.

    All in all, a great little grill. While it is on the pricier side than much larger models, you pay for the smaller profile. We are really enjoying it and hope to get many years' use out of it.

    UPDATE July 2013: Have been using this grill for about a year now and it's still working great and everything we make comes out tasty. I think the key is to initially sear the meat...makes it nice and dark with grill marks and seals in the juices. Also, after a year, there is no rust at all on the grill and it is stored outside for 7 months of the year covered with a Charbroil cover...
  • K. Daniels "T.Gray" - Winning the WarI was deep in Afghanistan on a routine patrol. Suddenly we were ambushed. Greatly outnumbered the brave men of my unit decided on a tactical maneuver to flank the overwhelming enemy force. It was at this point I became separated from my brothers in arms.

    The enemy force descended upon me and took me as their captive. They placed a sack over my head and lead me away to an unknown location. I was stripped of my belongings until they revealed the Military Green Mountain Three Wolf Moon shirt. Their awe quickly shown, they bowed before me and deeply apologized.

    The 5 fighters quickly replaced my gear. They fully dressed me in all of my appropriate equipment. Once fully dressed, I was hoisted onto their shoulders. Traversing numerous rugged mountains and many miles, the men brought me to the front gate of my patrol base. While still resting on their wary shoulders 3 men formed a crude staircase which I descended.

    Guards at the front gate, befuddled at the site, watched as all 5 men surrendered to me.

    I vowed not to take awards or accolades for my accomplishment, as the Military Green Mountain Three Wolf Moon shirt was award enough that day.
  • Kevin "KP 2001" - What Do You Mean I Can't Bring My Milk???I approached the Airport Security Gate and fed my bags into the x-ray machine.
    "Sir," said the TSA agent, "is this your bag?"
    "You know it is," I replied.
    "There's no need to get testy sir," he said.
    The agent escorted me over to a side table.
    "Do you mind if I search your bag?" he asked.
    "What will you do if I say no?" I asked.
    "I'll take you in the back room and we'll strip search you," he replied.
    "Then by all means, go ahead and search," I said.
    The agent opened my bag and peered inside.
    "What do you call this sir?" the agent asked holding up a pair of nail clippers.
    "Those are nail clippers," I said.
    "I'm going to have to confiscate these," he said.
    "That's alright," I replied, "they sell them for a dollar in the store next to my departure gate."
    The agent looked at me with hate in his eyes. He looked back into my bag and pulled out my gallon of Tuscan Whole Milk.
    "Sir, you can't take this on the plane," he said.
    "Why not?" I asked.
    "Because, if you have more than three ounces of a liquid you could use it to blow up the plane," he said.
    I was astonished. I had no idea that Tuscan Whole Milk was so powerful.
    "May I drink it now?" I asked.
    "Yes," he said, "liquids are harmless once they are inside of you."
    I drank the entire gallon of Tuscan Whole Milk that I had purchased on while the people behind me grew increasingly inpatient.
    It was delicious.
    I did not blow up.