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  • christy - Awesome suctionI got this vacuum yesterday.I have 2 dogs and a cat. I had no issue with the exhaust. I love the suction. I had 3 other vacuums I used in my house and needless to say they all are going in the trash. My rugs all look new from using this vacuum. The suction is unreal on this. I love the pet attachment. I used it on my couches and it got all the animal hair up on the couch and pillows effortlessly.
    I am definatly pleased with this vacuum. It also is very quiet.I have a little stick vac for stairs and it's louder than this vacuum. The trap to empty the dirt etc is very small. If your house hasn't been vacuumed in a while it will probably fill up in one vacuum cleaning.
    This one is definatly worth buying. I don't know if it's self propelled or not but I know when I cut mine on and start that sucker starts going on its on.
  • debwilson - Harvest of RubiesSarah is proficient in many areas - she can read and write in multiple languages, she can keep complicated ans lengthy accounts, and has a quick and sharp mind. The only thing stopping her from great success is that she is a woman. But when her cousin Nehemiah recommends her to the position of head scribe to the queen, she is completely unprepared for the events that follow.

    Sarah has always measured her worth based on her accomplishments; if she fails in any aspect of her work, she sees herself as a failure as well. So when her position as senior scribe is threatened because of her success as the queen's trusted account holder, she is, for the first time in her life, being measured for who she is as a person. With no complicated rolls of parchment and clay tablets to hide behind, will she attain her own measure of worthiness? Or does God has other plans for His child?

    This was a wonderful re-imagining of a fictional character set in Biblical times. Afshar deals with something that we all struggle with at some point in our life; the measure of our worth. Despite the lack of history Afshar had to work with as a background for her story, she does a marvelous job of re-creating the setting and bringing it to life. It was a story I could believe in and learn from, and an author that understands the very heart that beats in every one of us. Not only a recommended read, but one I will revisit again and again.

    A copy of this book was provided by Moody Press for free in exchange for an honest review.
  • zachslow - Writing isn't easy!As a woman, writing doesn't come naturally to us. Most women will never learn to write in their lifetimes because it's just too complicated for our smaller brains.

    These BIC pens were designed by scientists! Science is another subject women don't understand, but my husband reassures me and my woman brain that science is good.

    Obviously I don't know math either, but i'm fairly certain my husband would agree when I say: Pens + Science = BUY!
  • Britta - 2012 Crackle Nail PolishI heard about crackle polish at a salon, some ladies were talkkng about it so I came home and Googled it, o found this! I LOVE LOVE.LOVE it!!! It's so neat watching the polish crackle I tried like 10 out of the 24 the day I got them. The fun part is finding the perfect colors to mix match!!! I even.gave the site to a nail salon!