Mobile Medical Care, Inc. - Mobile Medical Care, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides health care and other services to Montgomery County, Maryland citizens who lack health insurance.

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 60654 Chicago, Illinois

  • Kenny - great product for the price!Gave me mild cramps not too bad, and didnt have me running to the bathroom with explosive results. Gentle yet effective had me goin' at least 5 times a day, after about a week felt a difference with a flatter abdomen. Contains natural ingredients with fiber not harsh drugs/ stimulants , would recommend to a friend.
  • Fritosgirl - Ohhh Fun!!!!This LeapPad2 tablet themed around Monsters University is super cool. Seriously, I love it! If you're going to get your kid any sort of tablet like device, this is the most appropriate choice. Within this kit, you get: an adorable tear-resistant gel skin, 2 scary-silly sticker sheets, a cleaning cloth, and a $20 Digital Download card. It is also loaded with special Monsters University wallpapers. For charging, you get a USB cord.

    As far as durability, this is something that I wouldn't be worried giving to a young kid. The skin adds even more durability and allows for a nice, easy grip. The screen is solid and should take plenty of play before it starts to wear. While young kids (the two year old set) might have trouble holding this, my 5 and 6 year old kid testers had no trouble holding it and using the stylus.

    The choice of games available for this system is vast and diverse. While we found the games to be the most fun, you can also download learning videos and music. This unit has a camera that shoots both front and back, so there are also a number of apps that deal with creative photography. Apps are (for the most part) appropriately priced. With the giftcard you receive with this package, we were able to purchase 3 apps to attach to this unit, which is pretty good for the amount on the card!

    My kid testers picked this up straight away when they noticed it. And you know what? They really enjoyed it. Now that we have more apps on it, I look forward to seeing what they think! This is the perfect tablet device for them at the moment!
  • k. bolivar - The banana slicer kept me in schoolI swears. This banana slicer kept me in skool!

    I'm 17 years old and my daddy told me, "Son - for each day you skip school, I'm gonna make you use this banana slicer on your sisters breakfast cereal. You will cater to her every banana need. Then, you'll cater to your mother's banana needs. And even my banana needs."

    From that day on - I went to skool. I gots me my Ph.D (public high school diploma). Thank God for the banana slicer! I'd be a dumy without it.