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  • Dabrink - Game was patched - Very funI'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews. I got hooked right away and still am hooked. I haven't once resorted to real money auction house. The gold in-game auction house has plenty of items, and I've used it exclusively to make it through inferno. They've made some improvements in the latest patch that I think helped considerably. I'm not sure why the reviews are still getting 1 star. I think expectations were too high. D2 was a legendary game, and this one is very good - still worthy of a 5 star I feel.

    The latest patch allowed players to still "level" after 60. It also unleashed a bunch of new legendary items. This has improved the overall quality of items in the auction house, improved characters, and made the game less frustrating in inferno.

    One thing to note, there are heavy graphics requirements, and this game seems to "freeze" up from time to time (for 20-30 seconds) when trying to display some of the heavier graphics areas. I believe this is a flaw in the game, since this used to never happen before the latest patch. It may just need to be re-installed. However, this also affects other players in the game with me (they freeze as well at times when I'm in the game).
  • - The Best Book for Ulcerative ColitisMy twelve year old son was diagnosed 4 months ago with Ulcerative Colitis. His doctor put him on standard medicine and told us that diet had nothing to do with this disease. My gut instinct was that diet had everything to do with it. I began searching the internet and found a website that discussed this book. I immediately purchased it, and the rest is history. Even though I was told by other IBD parents that my son would not stick to the diet, I tried it anyway. We saw results after a few days. My son had more energy, had a little color in his face, and bowel movements started to become more normal and less frequent. His doctor did not approve of his being on a restrictive diet. Needless to say, we now have a new doctor, who has read this book and promotes this diet with all of his IBD patients. My son is gaining weight again, happy, and much healthier, and we owe it all to Elaine Gottschall.
    It's a much better alternative than losing body parts. We are forever grateful to you Elaine. I recommend this book to EVERYONE I know who has UC, Crohns, or even Irritable Bowel.
  • c davis - Best Program for Home AccountsThis is a wonderful product that was super easy to set-up and the features are excellent. It's wonderful to have your check register where all members of the household who write checks can enter their own information. I opted not to tie it to our bank, but reconciling is super easy and much easier to identify mistakes than a paper reconciliation. The report aspect of the program is wonderful too, but my favorite feature is the bill portion. Set up your monthly auto bills and auto deposits and click off each day or so what all is automatically come out of your account. Another great aspect if the projected balance of your accounts, you can look 90 days out to see what you might have on the horizon and how well your household is fairing. Great product, don't hesitate to buy it today!!
  • Sofia Hernandez "Lover, fighter, sister, moth... - Gorgeous collector 2012I just received this Barbie Collector Holiday doll for 2012 and I am in LOVE! She is absolutely gorgeous with her classic red velvet gown and beautiful blonde hair. Her hair and make-up is styled in a very "1950's" bombshell manner. If you love the style of the older Barbies' then you might want to add this doll to your collection.

    This is not a doll that you want to take and hand over to your five year old daughter (or son, if he enjoys them!). Her hair is stiff and she is not a pose-able doll. Quoting Phoebe Buffay from Friends when she was referring to old crunchy Christmas trees that are not purchased on the lot: "She wants to fulfill her Christmas wish!" That is all that Holiday Barbie 2012 wants to accomplish. Let her fulfill her Christmas wish of sitting in her display box or other display case far away from little fingers that want to stick her in her corvette. She is delicate and should just be admired either year round or just for the Holiday season.

    Highly recommend for the serious collector for her beauty and classic American looks. I would go as far as recommending for children if they can grasp that she is only a display piece to love from afar. I would also state that you can leave her in the box that she arrives in. There was bit of thought put into the placement and it displays rather well on it's own.
  • Charles Ashbacher - A deep look at the insider's game of American presidential politicsThe 2012 presidential election in the United States was a fascinating event, especially the activities that selected the Republican nominee. There were endless debates involving a seemingly endless cast of candidates, some of which edged very close to the bizarre. No one who watched it can forget the Herman Cain chant of "9-9-9", Rick Perry seeming clueless to the point that he said "Oops" on national television, Mitt Romney's devastating description of the "47%" and Clint Eastwood on stage talking to a chair during the Republican National Convention.
    As depicts the one-sidedness regarding the amount of news generated by the parties during the run-up to the election, most of this book is devoted to what happened on the Republican side. As was the case with their book about the 2008 election "Game Change" the authors provide you with many of the inner details of what took place inside the campaigns as well as the actions of many of the powers behind the scenes. In the wake of the Supreme Court's Citizen's United ruling, presidential campaigns are now billion-dollar operations, requiring massive amounts of money being donated. A great deal of that was done in (semi-)secret meetings, where the big donors demanded anonymity, much of which is revealed by Halperin and Heilemann.
    Without question, the most interesting section of the book is the discussion of the Romney campaign's vetting of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Their conclusion that there was too much negative baggage around Christie clearly has major significance for his political future. The general nature of this baggage has been discussed on the network news shows and was one of the major carrots that led me to buy and read this book.
    While the outer wrappings of the political campaigns for president in 2012 is all old news, the look inside is of course new and very interesting. It also has many implications for the next campaign, which started the day after these two ended. By analyzing what worked and what did not, political operatives are plotting the next round of presidential elections. Furthermore, even non-prudes will be surprised at how many times the "f-word" is used by politicians and the people that work to get them elected. This is a great book and one that no doubt contains many accurate pointers to future activity.