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  • Flo J - SpectacularI just have finished reading this book for the second time. It's alot to absorb,but was written well enough to inspire me to read it the second time shortly after finishing it the first time. It has also inspired me to want to read the Bible to learn more about Jesus and my faith. It was very informative.
  • Toddler Mom - Align helped me (I have IBS constipation type)I have had IBS constipation type for years. I take Citrucel and flax seed in water daily and eat 1 yogurt a day. Still constipated.

    2 weeks ago, was the worst...I took Miralax, Sennekot with stimulation pills, and 1 bottle of Magnesium Citrate (along with my usual daily Citrucel, Flax seed, yogurt), still barely had any stooling.

    Within 2 days of taking my 7day trial of Align (opened directly from the "stay fresh" Blister pack), I have been having bowel movements daily this week (for the first time in my life).

    It's embarrassing to discuss this topic with all these Amazon readers. But, as always, I want to help, even if it means my face is bright red right now.

    I'm very surprised, but I am now an official believer. Hopefully, you can get a 7day free trial pack from Align so that you can see if paying approximately $1 per pill is worth it for you.