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  • D. J. Simons "Dave" - Simply amazingI had heard about this device for a while, but felt there is nothing like a good old book. Then I read that Stephen King, who had originally said this type of media will never catch on, tried this and was won over.
    So I bought one.
    I have been using this about 2 months. After a learning curve and whining because I missed holding a book I am now a full blown convert! This is simple, easy, and a great way to carry multiple books on a trip. The writing is crystal clear, and the download feature is amazingly fast.
    I wish:
    1. This device was backlit. Its a pain to read in the dark and attach a book light.
    2. There were more magazines, like SI, offered. I am a Newsweek subscriber and recently bought a kindle copy. Its a great way to read a magazine.
    But there are way too many positives to let these small issues change my mind.
    Oh, it is too expensive. I think if this device gets to $99 there will be a flood of buyers.
  • Mad Rapture - It worked for me -- at age 40My husband and I had tried unsuccessfully for ten months to conceive our second child. My periods were very regular, but I was 39 years old at the time and we were in a hurry so I ordered some FertilAid. After just a month of taking the supplements as directed, I got pregnant. We lost that pregnancy in an uneventful miscarriage at 9.5 weeks. I gave my body a month off, then started taking FertilAid again. By then I had turned 40, but within two months, I was pregnant again. It seems that FertilAid gave my body the extra boost it needed to get pregnant and stay pregnant. Our beautiful, healthy son is now six months old and I give FertilAid credit for helping us to complete our family. I would recommend this product to anyone who does not have major medical complications, but rather just seems to need a little extra help in getting pregnant.
  • Susanna Hutcheson "Copywriting for the Discri... - Probably the best income tax reference availableIn just thumbing through the book when I got it the other day, I discovered yet another hoop we self-employed folks have to jump through. I had not heard of it and was somewhat surprised by it. So, while the news wasn't good, I was glad to know it. I do not do my own income tax. My nerves couldn't take it. But, I know that no one cares as much about my financial life as I do and I need to know at least the basics of the current tax code so I can make sure I get every deduction to which I'm entitled, among other things.

    I have faith in this reference and highly recommend it to you.

    -- Susanna K. Hutcheson
  • C. Hallowell - Power To The People !!When handled with the hateful attitudes and brutal purposes of the UC Davis Campus Police, this product delivers a taste of true power to the people that were sprayed with it !! This product is amazingly effective at disbanding peaceful protests, whether they be for ending police brutality, supporting migrant farm workers, ensuring union bargaining rights, protecting women's reproductive rights, forgiving student debt, or any other cause that's been under relentless attack by the Republican Party.

    I suggest a much better use for this amazing product:

    Have Wolf Blitzer spray down the faces of the Republican candidates at the start of the next Republican Nomination "Debate" -- before turning it on himself !!

    I'd pay real money to see that !!