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  • Angel1 "angelwings" - Good Digestive Product

    Align Probiotic Supplement, 49-capsules Box
    My husband has used this item for a while and it has worked wonders on him.
    He is a dialysis patient with GERD and other digestive disorders and this has help
    him very much.

  • Joseph T. Jandrokovic - Nothing Better, For Now

    Shipped fast. I have bought many electronic gadgets and must say this is one of the best and most versatile. It handles PDFs nicely. The only thing I don't like about this tablet (as well as all others) is the LCD screen, which I hope changes in the future.

  • ABDBalou - disturbing

    This is a fascinating story about two people who on the surface are quite ordinary, though we learn that Amazing Amy is much more than just ordinary. Some might not like the ending, but I thought it was fitting and definitely made me think about all the permutations of character develop that could occur in another novel. I can't wait to read other novels by this author.

  • Karen A. "karena228" - All the right stuff...

    Terry McMillan put it all together and made it work. All the major issues of our times, grandparents raising children, drugs, politics, love for senior citizens, etc. I laughed and cried, shook my head and remembered to be thankful for so much. The relationships with her sisters is so well fleshed out.

    All togehter, a Great Book. Thank you Terry.