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  • ken "average guy with opinion" - good book again and againi have been buying the latest mastering AutoCad book for over 10 years. Omura has always done a great job and this time is no exception. when a new AutoCad version comes out we wait until we can get this book and a couple of others before implementation. As we already know AutoCad this is used mostly for a reference in our office. If you know AutoCad you probably are aware that the makers of the software don't offer free tech support and if you call the dealer for support often they are looking in this book to tell you the answer to your question.
  • Ricardo H Scheidemantel - Great book on the most important theme!Great story! And a great book about the currently most important issue for the development of human societies. We are a biological species who managed to protect itself against all its predators, both big and small. This led to uncontrolled growth. Take a look at a picture of the island of Malé, the capital of Maldives, if you want to see how the entire world (including deserts and mountains) would look like in another 300 years, if the birth rates of the 1960's (when The Pill was introduced) were maintained. It's praiseworthy that such a successful writer dares to touch Overpopulation, an issue that is delicate even for the United Nations (see chapter 2 of Population Dynamics and Climate Change) to handle. Working for the largest Development Bank in the world, I've written two books on Overpopulation, addressed to government policy makers. It's really nice to see an author bringing the issue to a broader audience, in non technical terms. Population stabilization policies would be much nicer if most people would be open to talk about it in a more mature way. In the end it's all about the transition from the "ten children family" to the "two children family", where each child replaces each parent on the long run.