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  • Willem de Greef - Amazing Game - Haters directing their criticism the wrong way.This is easily one of the best games released in the past 10 years. The action is fast, fun and challenging, and your character customization options are an endless source of enjoyment.

    The thing that people are criticizing that they have to be online to play and that battlnet servers were up and down through the first few launch days. With respect to the former issue, Blizzard made this clear from the beginning and if you are unable to meet this constant-connection criteria then don't buy the game. I'm sorry for people who bought it without knowing that, but Blizzard never hid that detail so the only thing you should do is ask for a return, not attack the game content. As to the second point, this is to be expected due to the millions of people logging on at once to play on new servers that have to be adjusted. After day 3, Blizz seems to have worked out the kinks and there have been no significant service downtimes since.

    Bottom line - don't buy this if you don't want to have to play it online. IF you're willing to play online, then this is a GREAT GAME.

    Now go kills some demons!
  • Shirley Townsend - Absolutely the bestI have Crohn's Disease, treatable but incurable; not a fun thing. I see a Gastroenterologist specialist at Jewish Hospital, Louisville, KY, a most renowned facility. I had been taking a probiotic on my own, but my doctor stated plainly that he wanted me to switch to Align "because it was best for my gut". He is one of the best, and his instructions can be trusted. I take one a day, and wouldn't dream of being without it. Shirley
  • kwmar - Good price - Align seems to helpThe prices for Align seem to be all over the place. Be sure to check different quantities, as you don't always save by buying more. Go by the price per capsule. This 42 count pack was a rather good price, but I have gotten 28 count and 49 count cheaper at times. It depends on what kind of deal the seller has on a particular day.