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  • Neville G. Comrie "Foxcomrie" - Quicken Beta TesterThis product by far and wide a superb product. I literally ran this program into the ground and it bounced back as well it should. The interface is clean and the learning curve is small. As soon as the program begins you will notice how quick it opens and goes to wehere you want it to. An excellent financial program to help you track personal and businees expenses. No comparison to the other programs out there.
  • horacio lozano - Nice tablet!!!I am very please with this tablet works great, it was a gift for my wife and she is very happy. I would buy more of this no question.
  • Kozzie - Blown Away By this BookThis book revolutionised my entire experience of life. It showed me that my conventional ideas about posture were completely misguided. Some of the things I learnt from this book in only just a few days

    - how to walk properly so I am comfortable, relaxed and get no knee pain

    - I removed the constant tension in my shoulders and learnt how to sit for hours fully relaxed and without discomfort (so I can study/work for longer). The tension in my shoulders was leading me to constantly feel fatigued especially on waking in the morning.

    - how to reset my body into it's natural position during sleep to heal and prevent current recurring injuries I've had for the last decade (I previously thought they were basketball related)

    - how to breathe into my chest properly so that each breath stretches my chest and shoulders. This helped hugely for relaxation, fatigue and stress

    - where I needed to work on to finally be able to do a full body squat to the ground. I'd been searching on the answer to this for weeks.

    Oh and no more back pain ;)
  • Samuel - This is a Master Piece... !!!When I first saw "The Count of Monte Cristo" I had some expectations and surely I wasn't disappointed. With each completed paragraph and chapter, I became so eager to know what's coming or happening next. I love the suspense, it glued me to reading each sentence, paragraph and chapter with eagerness.

    "Holy Ghost Writer" did a great job presenting the story in a very smooth, and coherent fashion. This book has rekindle my love for Sherlock Holmes and related books.

    This is a great piece that must be read.

    Even if you're not an avid Sherlock Holmes Reader, "The Count of Monte Cristo as Retold by Sherlock Holmes" is a master piece.