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  • Fitzgerald Fan - The David Copperfield of Modern Indian Literature!I was absolutely stunned by the brilliance of this book. Viswanathan's novel, over 600 pages in length, managed to keep my rapt attention from start to finish. The tale of one Brahmin family's saga, ranging from the 1890s to the 1960s, is epic and thoroughly fascinating. It tells the story of the class-conscious Brahmins and how they endure in an increasingly modern world. It tracks the life of Sivakami (and her family) from prepubescence to the grave. I was very much reminded of Charles Dickens' David Copperfield , but furthermore, the author's masterful use of magical realism matches that of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, while its breadth of characters falls in line with Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. Lastly, the author's stunning power of description of India and its peoples puts me in mind of Rohinton Mistry, one of my favorite Indian authors.
    Upon finishing this book, I was reminded of every great tome I have ever read. Viswanathan is like a modern Scheherezade...she spins an intricate and seemingly endless tale that is nothing short of captivating. I found this novel exceedingly hard to put down.
    While it is easy for people with busy lives to be intimidated by a book of this magnitude, I can assure them that the effort will be rewarded. The only complaint I have about this book, and it is a small one, is that Viswanathan uses a lot of Indian words that may be largely unknown to the average reader. While many are obvious due to context, it is not the case with all of the usages. I think a glossary might have added to the reader's understanding of the Indian culture being portrayed. Otherwise, this is a five star novel all the way. I look forward to reading more by this author. The Toss of a Lemon is the stuff of classics!
  • sandalista - Long Twilight Struggle"This warts-and-more-warts bio is so determined to kill off the Kennedy mystique it should be subtitled The Second JFK Assassination.... Hersh packs so much sleaze and scandal between the covers, he makes Kitty Kelley look like a pussycat." (Editorial Review from Entertainment Weekly, a respected journal of political & historical analysis.)

    The Kennedys were entertainment, daily, for a nation becoming addicted to the drug of television. Jack, Jackie, Bobby, Teddy, and even strange Robert McNamara were stars, mainlining glitz to the masses in a perpetual party where the best & brightest women, wearing Casini gowns, pushed each other into Georgetown swimming pools and where their men fiddled with Faddle in John Kennedy's hide-away pool at the White House.

    Seymour Hersh, respected and sometimes venerated for his expose' journalism about My Lai, Cointelpro, and Abu Ghraib, was reviled by the eastern liberal priesthood for exposing in this book a naked liberal icon. Spit and vituperation flew about Hersh's sloppiness, his near miss in almost going to print with some bad intel about Marilyn Monroe. That single slip-up became the firestorm focus of a mainstream media seduced by John Kennedy in 1960 and 1961 (JFK said in January '61 that it was our "moment of maximum danger" ... and indeed it was; we had entrusted the free world to an amphetamine kid and to the kid's kid brother) and that's seduced by him now.

    Historian Michael Beschloss said that while the public is still enamored of the Kennedy phantom, most historians now know better. But historical honesty and accuracy are hampered by the priesthood I mentioned. 42 years after Dallas, the Kennedys and their protectors -- who bought absolution for Teddy at Chappaquiddick -- are still buying cover for the darkest corners of Camelot. There's a priesthood or palace guard blocking access to information, and it's reminiscent of Florence Harding, widow of another randy president, burning his papers before historians could see them.

    (Anyone disputing my assertion about media seduction should review the media's failure to question or challenge Kennedy's failure at the Bay of Pigs in 1961. For a fumigation of smelly liberal pieties about the Missile Crisis of 1962, read liberal Eric Alterman's excellent discussion in When Presidents Lie. For perceptive analyses of assassination plots against Castro, go to Gus Russo and Ronald Steele. I'm astonished, though, that even now there is more concern about inept attempts to kill a tyrant than about the assassination in 1962 of America's ally Ngo Dinh Diem. That assassination, which locked us into a decade of no-win war, must have been approved by Kennedy or by someone close to him.)
  • Daniel Allen - Glad I Bought..I've been heavily into PC's since 1993 and have tried most of the major Security Product. I've come to think Norton is the All Around Better on Average Security product you can buy. They have Good Tech Support and if a new version comes out you get upgraded for free. I subscribe to 4 of the major PC magazines and most have a once a year review of the main Security Suites and the majority of the time Norton comes out either on top or very close to the top. Year after year.
    Were talking overall averages of performance now and not one particular test within the tests that the reviewers do.
  • Lauren - Strong Like WolfBought this t-shirt for myself as a joke. See, I'm a girl, and don't need it for it's famed babe-getting powers... but I do wear it on exam days as a reminder never to take myself too seriously, for which it's perfect.

    At first I told myself I wouldn't wear it in public, and then only under sweatshirts, and then without sweatshirts but only "ironically," until I realized I am not cool enough to wear it and not have it be taken at face value. Such is the life of a geek, I suppose.

    Surprising toughness and durability - this is not a t-shirt for wussies. After several washes the image on the front hasn't budged... Wolf spirit is likely infused in the very fabric itself.