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  • Victory - I use the Total Transformation in a Small Group SettingThe Total Transformation ProgramI've heard the advertisements for years, and when the I saw the offer to get the program for free on the TV, I responded immediately. I teach Cognitive Self Change techniques to adults who are in recovery in our community. I found the same techniques presented to parents in the Total Transformation. I am now using it to help the adults I work with transform their parenting skills, and it is working! Presenting this within the framework of a small support group environment is giving the parents a place to discuss their experiences as they learn to use the tools, and also allowing insight from others when there are challenges or blind spots. The TT is simple, and if you consistently work to understand and implement the tools in order as they are presented, you WILL see change in your child, no matter how difficult that child may be right now. The most common feedback I'm getting from parents I share this program with is, "My home is a lot more peaceful, and I'm beginning to enjoy my child more each day."
  • Miguel A.Tovar - An essential reading for physicians and medical studentsThis book is the first of its kind and a must read for anyone interested in Social Media in healthcare. Despite his youth, Dr. Bertalan Meskó (or Berci) is already an acknowledged authority in this field. As the founder of the world's first university elective course focusing on Medicine and Social Media for medical and public health students Berci is an authoritative voice on the subject. You just have to Google his name to check that I'm not exaggerating.

    By writing this educational book he has again demonstrated his passion and commitment in guiding medical students and physicians to acquire skills in digital literacy to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes.

    As someone who has a vast knowledge and experience in the practical use of Social Media the book is well structured, clearly written and full of useful tips and well-chosen examples. Each chapter ends with a self-test and next steps to encourage you to think about how to apply the concepts in your own practice. How to deal with privacy concerns and the protection of the confidentiality of patients have been definitely highlights for me.

    All links and further reading recommended in each chapter have been grouped at the end of the work, which can be useful for later review.

    As a conclusion, 'Social Media in Clinical Practice' is an essential reading and I will be suggesting it to everyone I know in healthcare who wants to take advantage of the Social Media space professionally but is not sure about how to proceed.

    Disclosure: Social media brought us together about four years ago and now I am honored and proud to have Bertalan Meskó as a friend.
  • S. Turlington - Simply delicious!This is a GREAT cookbook. It is filled with simple to make dishes with complex flavors. Tons of vegetarian friendly food. The only drawback for us in the United States is that the recipes use UK measurements. Once you get a conversion chart this is really not a problem. A new favorite in my household.
  • bardofbyte - sequel to How to avoid huge ships, the iceberg tells allA lonely old iceberg was traveling to the waters of Bermuda to retire when this idiot big boat tried to
    pass it on the right. Now the iceberg has a terrible reputation but the whole sorry incident wasn't its fault
    [[ASIN:B00A16CHV8 How to Avoid Huge Ships and Other Implausibly Titled Books (Humour)]]