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  • Koala MeatPie - People are overlooking the obvious...Diablo III is a great game.

    First of all, to address the elephant in the room, the required "always on" internet connection. Most of us have cable or equivalent, it's always on in the background anyways, so what's the problem? Are you going to rip against Outlook and Thunderbird for the same reason? The only people potentially affected are those on Dialup, in 2012.

    Having an always on connection actually makes things easier when trying to play with your friends, it creates a STANDARD. Diablo II was and still is pestered with problems. To connect to another player you had to create exceptions in your router. Try to play over the same router, you have to edit your IPs addresses or else you wouldn't be able to connect.

    With Diablo III, NO MORE. GOOD!

    And Yes, it's more of the same as Diablo II, just updated. Which is what makes it good.

    Those who are saying the dialogue in in D3 is awfull, go back to D2 and listen carefully. Then put yourself in the same shoes you where in 12 years ago.

    For the same reason that children have no problem with Jar Jar Binks, The Dialogue in Diablo III is no worst than Diablo II. You just notice it more because it's new and you're 12 years older.

    The pairing over quests in D3 is BETTER than D2. Taking into account what was mentioned above about multiplayer, in D2 you had to find somebody who was on the same quest as you, and you did not know who that person was.

    Same with D3, except the pairing is done FOR you. Easier and faster, instead of having to scour through the multiple channels for a game that FINALLY you can jion and use.

    Remember the times when you join a game, open your quest log and see the message "You can not complete this quest in this Game"? Well No More! You can re-do them!
  • Mailinh - I am normally very skeptical about things like this but this book is a miracle.I have had psoriasis for as long as I can remember. As a female, it is not the most attractive thing that can happen to you. I've tried lots of medications and treatments for my psoriasis and nothing seemed to work. I had them mostly on my legs, elbows, and all over my scalp. So when i tried this book and saw what great reviews it had, i thought i would give it a try. I changed my diet completely and followed useful tips from this book. I was amazed at how effective it was. Never would I have thought that diet and whole foods would make such an impact on my skin. As of now most of my psoriasis is practically gone and my scalp is clean!! No irritation, no itchiness, and no red scaly patches!! Thank you so much for making my life and condition so much better! This book is definitely worth reading and investing in.
  • Tom N - Great computer replacement for non-techies?I own multiple tablets (iPad 1st gen, Kindle Fire 1st gen, BlackBerry Playbook). This is the best so far.

    It's mostly the fact that all Android apps just work on it, but it's more. The tablet comes with so many standard devices that phones do, that stuff just works. For example, a GPS for Google Maps a mic for voice input, etc.


    1. Get the keyboard. It completely changes this device's uses.

    2. Turn off the trackpad. It's too sensitive when typing. Ideally, someone could just turn off trackpad clicks, but that feature doesn't exist... so just turn off the trackpad and touch the screen.

    3. Combine with a 4G wifi hotspot device and this thing goes anywhere.

    4. Install the Puffin browser for speedy internet access. It's a little buggy sometimes, but the speed is worth it.