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  • David Bradshaw - Easy to use and familiarI recently got a Mac, and had to make the hard decision of choosing Microsoft Office or iWorks. After downloading the trial of both products and trying them out the decision was clear, and I purchased Office For Mac 2011. They both have a similar template chooser which starts with the product (I disabled this, since I like going straight to a new document), and they both serve their purpose (Word, Excel, PowerPoint like programs). Office for Mac 2011 works really well, I have not had any bugs, or weird behavior (except the cursor blinks very slow, it sometimes seems to not be their, however you can change a PLIST file to speed this up). I like the ribbon interface, since I am using this now instead of Office 2010 for Window, I was quite familiar with it. The ribbon is very similar to the Windows version and the themes are quite similar (if not the same). If you are use to that pop up menu when you highlight items in 2010 you will not find it here (unless it is somewhere in settings), which is fine with me, since that always seemed to just get in the way. You can save in nearly all formats that Windows Office can (DOC, DOCX, PDF...) same for Excel and PowerPoint. My main decision to choose Office over iWorks is the inclusion of an Equation editor (which is available in Word under Document Elements) which allows you to enter an equation and use easy Structures or math symbols to create a professional scientific document with references and equations (something that costs extra in iWorks), this is identical to Office for Windows (2010) equation Tools. While that is my main reason for choosing over iWorks, I also want to mention that the familiarity you get from going from Windows to Mac Office is great. I can open any program (regardless of fonts or special items), this means documents from work (which all uses Windows) or school (also Windows) can be opened and edited on my Mac and vise versa with out fear of compatibly issues. The autocorrect options that work in the Mac in all Apple based programs are not used (from what I can tell) in Office, instead it resembles that of Windows Office with autocorrect items, and the little drop down to go back or change rules. When you want to edit something you can use the toolboxes (Media or Reference Tools) to import symbols, pictures, clip art or other items into Office for Mac, sort of the like the box that would appear in the right side of Office for Windows. Also, when you install this (or iWorks) you can start using preview to view Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations! Once a product that can read the files is installed you can hit SPACE after clicking a file to peak inside and see the entire file, however special characters or equations will not appear, after installing Office for Mac 2011 the Mac associated all files that Office can open with its respective program, super easy and now you can quickly view items to find the right one without opening each item.

    In the end this software is easy to use installs easily (insert DVD, accept terms, install, then activate with product key), and gives you all the benefits of a Mac with the familiarity of Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint. I highly like this edition and do not see much difference from office 2010 (Windows) to this Office for Mac 2011; which is exactly what I wanted!!!!

    To let you know I am using Office for Mac 2011 (Home & Student [Yellow Box], 1 pack). Using a MacBook Pro (early 2011) Quad Core Intel i7, 8GB of RAM, Mac OS X Lion (10.7.2). Just in case you need to know, when you install the software you also get Messenger and Remote Desktop Connection (I do not use these programs, but I thought you might like to know), also the installer places Outlook on the Launchpad and Dock, however, you cannot run it without upgrading. I do not use Outlook so I did not need it. This edition of Office for Mac comes with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Sheridan - Thank you! A pregnancy book based on facts!!!During my first pregnancy, I found myself spending a lot of time fact-checking the litany of medical recommendations prescribed to expecting moms and was surprised to find how few of them were based on actual scientific evidence. I wished there was a book like this that had done the research for me and presented the facts and relative risks in a way that let me decide for myself what to eat, drink and do - it would have saved me a lot of time and anxiety! Women deserve to enjoy themselves and their pregnancies without unnecessarily worrying or restricting their lives.

    I think that the negative reviews for this book come from those who have a particular axe to grind about alcohol use during pregnancy. There is no doubt that drinking in excess is a problem, much the same way that many things in excess are bad for you - even prenatal vitamins (there's a big difference between one a day and the whole bottle!). Fruit juice even contains small amounts of alcohol, so by the logic of no amount is "100% safe", should pregnant women add morning OJ on the list of things not to eat? One of the most risky thing that you can do pregnant, by far, to endanger yourself and your child is to drive a car. Should you only get behind the wheel when it's absolutely necessary? Skip meeting friends for dinner? Or trips to the mall? Order groceries online? The truth is, there is no such thing as a risk free pregnancy, and women deserve to make decisions based on sound facts.