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  • mvp039 "MVP039" - Best next generation console of the future.Best console during launch and made to succeed! For the price of 399.99 this gaming next gen console is a steal. You are getting the best graphical engine in a console today for the lowest price. The console is more developer and user friendly than Xbone and a lot more games will be made for it. Trust me. On top of that. All PS4 games will look better because they will run at FULL 1080p. These PS4's are sold out every where and don't last. Get your hands on one of these bad boys. You deserve the best for your money.
  • R. Johnson - The only thing that works!I can't recommend Abreva highly enough. Whenever I feel a cold sore coming on (that tingling feeling in my lip) I start to apply it immediately. It helps cold sores to heal faster (occasionally they don't even completely "erupt"), AND it makes them less painful! Get several and keep one at work, at home, and in the car. You'll want to use it at the first sign of a cold sore! The price is pretty good on Amazon... it's as much as $25 in some drug stores. Also, be sure to get the tube, not the "pump." I found you waste a lot with the pump because you can't control how much product comes out each use.
  • Charles E. Rey - Only for certain types of people, very challengingI am giving you my perspective as a personal trainer so here goes. When you open the package up, you get 12 DVD's, an instruction/information book and a book on diet strategy. Every DVD opens with a warning that it is advanced training and you are actually encouraged to see if you can pass the fitness test they provide you with. That is a good thing. There is also an advisory for people with bad knees, a bad back or other joint problems, they advise you do not use P90X to their credit. Besides dumbbells and a chinning bar, you also will need a yoga mat or plyometrics mat for those DVD's. After going through all the DVD's, in my opinion you can't get a tougher workout. There were times I had to stop the DVD and rest for a minute during the workouts, thank goodness that is considered normal when you do the routines. I only recommend P90X for those who are already in decent physical condition, if you are more than 10 pounds overweight or over 40 years of age and have not exercised for a long time then you should start out with the goal of being able to workout for at least 30-45 minutes of a cardio workout like Spartacus (I love those workouts) as the P90X workouts are from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. Then you could attempt P90X afterwards. By the way, the "Beachbody" advertisements at the end of the workouts I could do without. Personally I think it would be more wise for an individual to divide the workouts into 3 times a week instead of 6 times a week, (you can call it P180X) your recovery would be better and chance of injury even less. For those who are in a hurry, are in decent physical condition and have up to 1 1/2 hours to give to P90X 6 days a week, I say go for it, just listen to your body very carefully and please eat a good diet and get plenty of rest and sleep, no late nights out for 3 months, that is the sacrifice you will have to make.