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  • Jana Taylor - I as an adult liked it, but...UPDATED REVIEW... UPDATE AT BOTTOM. CHANGING FROM 4 STARS TO 5.

    I read this in advance of giving it to my 9 year old to read. He's not into reading much so I like to screen books to make sure they will be at least of interest.

    I'd like to say this book is much different than other kid's books. It really seemed to me targeted to older kids. The vocabulary used was quite advanced, and I know my 9 year old would not know a lot of the words. The main character and her friend who are both kids 10 and 11 respectively do not act like typical kids, nor do they talk like typical kids. They have that "wise beyond their years" feel to them although they do act outside of the norm.

    The story had a complexity of interpersonal relationships that an unsophisticated reader would not grasp, but maybe a jr. high schooler would although they are pretty common dynamics of love/rejection/being jaded/hopefulness.

    The squirrel "superhero" was the catalyst for a lot of evolution of the story but wasn't the whole focus.

    This book has a lot of quirkiness to it but not a huge amount of humor. The humor, I guess, lies in the bizarre situations that unfold.

    So in conclusion I loved the book, but I really don't think my 9 year old will. Nor do I think many other elementary school kid will... unless they are advanced in vocabulary and I am sure there are some good readers out there who will pick it up with no problem.

    So I give it high marks because I thought it was a good story and I appreciated the quirky nature of the book. But make sure you are getting this for the right kind of reader.

    UPDATE 10/23/13
    I was pleasantly surprised, my son not only likes the book... he LOVES it. The difficult words that he didn't know he came and asked me what they meant so it wasn't an issue. He just absolutely thinks this book is hilarious. He loves the squirrel especially. So I guess I was wrong to think he wouldn't appreciate it. I am upgrading this from my original 4 stars, to 5.
  • Jabberjaw - Switch to this from Certain DriI've used Certain Dri for 15 years+. Not sure if they changed formula or I was getting immune to it. Stop itching so that usually means it's not working! This Sweat Block was just want the doctor ordered. Working better than my old certain dri. So what I use now: Obsession is my favorite cologne. So my combo now is Mitchum Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, Power Gel, Unscented, 2.25 oz (63 g) (Pack of 6) and SweatBlock Antiperspirant Towelettes - As Seen on Rachael Ray - Reduce Sweat for up to 7 Days Per Use. Then I spray one shot of my Obsession by Calvin Klein for Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 6.7 Ounce under each armpit. My underarms will smell like obsession for 24 hours.
  • Malone - Brilliantly writtenEdgy, hilarious, and dark, Tampa is the best book I've read this year. I'm tired of trying to wade through the cheesy, unintelligent "women's fiction" drivel of Kathryn Stockett, Elin Hilderbrand, and other stock bookclub writers. I find most bestsellers of all genres derivative, poorly written, and boring. Tampa was a much-needed change, a smart and courageous book that I hated to see end. I know it will offend the delicate sensibilities of some readers, but I found it wickedly funny and impossible to put down. Provocative stuff by a truly gifted writer.
  • Slamnd60 - Happy birthday BeanWhen I first saw this shirt I instantly thought of my friend Ben, if there is anyone that could wear this shirt and still have girls look at his face over the amazing imagery on this shirt it would be him. The wolves aren't howling at the moon, they're howling for Ben to return to them as pack leader and summon his ninja warrior skills to protect the good and fight against evil. When I received the shirt and saw its beauty I knew it wouldn't belong until Ben returned to his ninja wolf warrior roots and left us to be one with his pack, happy birthday Ben.