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  • Robert Lederman "Canadian living in Germany/S... - P90X rocks! Even for old farts who are somewhat out of shape!P90X: Tony Horton's 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program

    We bought these DVDs (used) after our nephew brought them for us to use. My husband and I thought we were in reasonable shape. NOT SO! These excercises are not for the faint of heart but soooo amazing if you are willing to put in the work.

    What is amazing, is my husband is starting to get normal movement back in a knee where he requires surgery!

    How is this possible? He does the exercises on "super lite" version. He carefully listens to his body and every day he (although sometimes painful)is seeing more and more muscle growth and is doing amazing!

    I may actually get my husband back to hiking with me again.

    Ok => I am a jogger / cross trainer. THESE exercises are amazing and man I was out of shape! I love the 12 different kinds of DVDs which work on different muscles groups.

    If you are around 50 years are just not as flexible anymore. This workout will be a huge help! I am still not able to do the max 58 minute work outs...but do more everyday.

    So be patient! Take a day off when you body says its enough...

    My hubby and I get a kick of out it now...still grown on some of the exercises. Starting to look good. Note: We are not doing any of the other program e.g. nutrition etc but may look into it.

    Do it because you want to be more fit! If you are careful, and keep trying you may find you are doing things you havent done in year! Its worth it!!!!

    Important note: there are a ton of complaints regarding the quality of the DVDs, I don't know how they managed it but they are extremely poor quality. Even though mine are hardly used they are already skipping. The good news is they are not copy protected so can be copied using Nero, so if you own this or plan on buying them it's important that you make and use a copy not the orginal.
  • andre - Well Worth itNow that i had this for a few months i might as well rate this above five star. you could throw this at a wall and it will work like a beauty. The special offers never get in the way.

    Durable little tablet.
    Very good speed.
    Amazing Picture Display.
    Good capacity.
    Sound quality exceeds perfection.

    Battery life sucks when playing games but when reading is good.
    No back facing cam.
    Slow charging speed.
    No way of increasing Capacity.

    So for this tablet on my rating scale i would rate this a 93 out of 100, sure its the best tablet i ever had in my hands, but it does not have much apps for doing work and you cant move things out of the download folder but for all the cons it has, it has the best sound quality i have ever heard and is very good with Skype and other social apps.
  • Marjorie J. Smith - Wonderful resourceHaving traveled to Paris numerous times, I wasn't so sure I needed an updated guidebook but figured, how could this hurt? The additions and improvements from the prior edition, not all that old, were notable and I thought the last version was good. Helpful suggestions abound! Traveling as a family, my sister became the designated reader and I have a series of pictures of her standing amid the other family members with her well-thumbed copy of Rick Steves' Paris 2013 in hand!
  • M. Eller - Consistent in quality and contentI am going through a career transition and of course, turned to the ever-reliable What Color Is Your Parachute? to find my way into the next phase of my life. My favorite part of this book is the priority grid. My husband and I have used that priority grid to figure out our priorities - joint and individual - for everything from planning our wedding budget to figuring out what were the most important features in our search for a new home. I highly recommend this book for that tool alone!