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  • Kent Moore - Best Ireland Travel Guide AvailableRick Steves travel guides, including Ireland 2012, are all alike and uniformly excellent. My wife and I have used his guides for all 12 of our Europe trips and the information is invaluable. He describes and ranks all the best places to see and provides many practical and logistical suggestions. He recommends places to stay and eat, which makes it important that you have the most recent edition when you travel. We have stayed almost exclusively in places he describes (comfortable, but not luxurious) and have not been disappointed a single time. Rick Steves Ireland 2012 is highly recommended and at Amazon, the price is very reasonable.
  • Backfeed - Many improvements & looks goodIf you want to learn something new you have to invest the time. Clearly most negative reviewers here haven't. For the most part, Windows 8 is not that different from window 7.
    First watch some youtube tutorials then customize the desktop & new start screen, learn a few shortcuts keys (like win key & win+C) and change a few program defaults and windows 8 is impressive.
    If you don't like the mouse hover required to bring up some menus (for example), learn the shortcut (win+C for charms menu), or create a desktop shortcut, this is windows and still very customizable.
    If you don't like the new start screen, put all your most used program shortcuts on the old desktop and you can easily avoid the new start screen all together.
    Many improvements in: task manager, file explorer, download speed graph, tablet apps, just to name a few.
    You get the best of both worlds, tablet apps and pc made programs. I have only mildly explored the available apps, it is clear the windows store needs more work but it is new and because Microsoft is huge, I am sure the quantity (at least) will grow quickly. Some apps are pointless on a PC but others provide a unique service or feature. If this new apps feature created problems or slowed down my system, I would hate its addition but since windows 8 runs very well and fast, they are a very cool bonus.
    Personally I really like the new start screen, I put shortcuts for all my programs, utilities and files and folders there. It is hard to consistently use this though because every time you open something that is not a tablet app, you get sent to the old desktop. They should be integrated better, while still providing access to the file structure and all the extensive traditional PC admin options lacking on mobile devices.
    I have been looking at that old desktop screen for over 10 years now and welcome this very good looking new change.