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  • ashley tranfaglia - Love this productIfound Exposed about 4 years ago and have been using it ever since. I tried many expensive skin care product, as well as spent so much money on spa treatments before I found this product. The Exposed acne treatment has work better then any ohter product out there. I have never had flawless skin until know. People can not believe that I ever had trouble skin because of how clear it has become. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone who has trouble skin becuase this was the sloution for me.
  • Daniel B - This shirt is for alphas onlyYou have to dress for success and this wolf shirt is the tool for your career and everyday life. Last July, I had a job interview for a prestigious brothel. Wearing my wolf shirt; with sunglasses, a bandanna, and jean shorts; I was ready to rock that interview.

    Tiffany, the waitress/bartender/receptionist, was sitting at the counter on that hot summer afternoon; fanning herself while twirling her blond hair and chewing bubblegum. Her boredom quickly dissipated when she nearly swallowed her gum after seeing me walk in and announcing that I was applying for the bouncer position. Tiffany smiled, showing the bubblegum that stuck to her teeth. She popped her bubblegum and announced my arrival to the proprietor who called himself “Nasty Neal”

    I shook Neal’s heavily tattooed hand of skulls and crossbones. He saw my shirt and smiled. Chewing his tobacco and sipping from his glass of Tito’s vodka, he led me to his office cluttered in empty bottles of Jack Daniel’s. I conjectured that Neal took recycling seriously. Neal could not get his eyes off my wolf shirt. He explained to me that his brothel was a place where tough people socialized. “These guys are like a pack of wolves,” he explained in his Tennessean accent. “They tear the place up. They need an alpha wolf to lead and keep the pack in line.” I explained to Neal that I was that wolf. I showed him my shirt and explained to him that I represented the bottom wolf howling away from the moon, that wolf was the alpha while the others followed his howl.
    Neal was mesmerized by my revelation and hired me on the spot with the condition I wear the wolf shirt every night. Tiffany was ecstatic to be working with me. She let me sip from her glass of scotch covered in lipstick while explaining my duties in between popping her cherry flavored bubblegum.

    This is my go to shirt. I wear it to the gym, church, and Walmart. In between my bouncing job and hustles with Neal and Tiffany, I wear it to medical school where I am studying to be a surgeon.
  • Robert M Gallo - A thought provoking look at a fascinating life.I've always liked Billy Crystal and the performances he's given in movies and shows, but this book took me to a whole new level of understanding and respect for the man and his talent.

    Touching, heartfelt, funny, sad...I found myself laughing out loud and quietly crying. It has made me want to revisit old movies and see them in a new light knowing that certain scenes were played with particular personal meaning to Mr. Crystal.

    It has made me want to treasure the moments with my son all that much more, as we never know when our time may end and we don't want to leave with words unsaid and regrets left behind.

    I'll admit to being offended by a couple of comments in the I hate section, but we are all entitled to our private opinions.

    This was my first electronic book purchase, as I'm a hard core, hard bound book reader/owner, but I like the fact that I can have this with me wherever I go to look upon. I have just purchased a hard bound edition for a very dear friend who turns 62 on November 7, 2013. He to is a Billy Crystal fan, of Jewish descent and a New Yorker, as well as an annoying Yankees fan :-)

    I found myself thinking of him a great deal as I read this book and as I write this review. We haven't seen each other in more than 4 years, but I'm fortunate enough to have him stopping in Denver for a short lay over on his way home to NY from California and the opportunity to give him his gift 2 days before his 65th birthday. I know he'll love it as much as I did. Only wish I could have gotten it signed to him.

    I have 21 years to 65, but I am looking at them in a new light, I have a wonderful wife and a wonderful 8 year old boy, life may not be perfect, but I'm loved and who could ask for better than that.

    Thank you Mr. Crystal for giving inspiration, for sharing your life and your memories with your fans.

    To those contemplating this book, I say buy it, you won't regret it and you may just gain something much more than a good read.