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  • just me - about that price tipYes, Walgreens sells this cheaper. Be aware that the walgreens tip is only good for 50 treatments. The more expensive version is good for 90 treatments which makes it a better deal. I love this product. I do not get ordinary acne. I get the deep, under the skin kind that you can feel long before you can see it. I used to treat it with hot, moist compresses which took days to be effective. The Zeno clears them up in a day or two if I catch them right away.
  • Dan Woods ( - SCD works, even after multiple surgeriesI've been on the SCD diet since June/97 and it does work. I've had 40 inches of small bowel removed after two surgeries, and SCD works.Elaine does a good job of explaining the principles of the diet and is a must read for any IBD sufferers (Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS). Regardless what the so-called medical specialists say, diet change does matter. Within two days of starting the diet, all my heartburn problems have disappeared ever since.I started the SCD diet because I was having a flare-up (lost weight, frequency, ...) and my specialist wanted me to nose-tube feed myself at night. I chose the diet instead and have been feeling good without regrets, and I am sure the SCD prevented the need for a 3rd surgery.Check out the SCD website at which provides a lot of support and testimonials. Also, you'll find information on joining the Long-Island internet support mailing list for SCD.Get the book. Live the diet. Enjoy your life again. Feel free to contact me... Dan.
  • Bobbyd "bobbyd" - Bob Loves this GameJust received this NASCAR 2011 game. I have a Logitech Steering wheel with my XBOX 360 and it works perfectly. I noticed there are very few Steering Wheel Games available. I really wanted to use the Steering Wheel with Grand Theft Auto but I'm told it is not supported. Anybody know of any other Steering Wheel games, besides Forzo that are compatible?
  • Rocko - Great SubwooferBought a sound bar which was a great improvement over the TV speakers but still wanted the subwoofer effect, so I bought this one. Made a huge difference when watching movies. It enhanced the sound and made it easier to understand what was being said. If you only have a sound bar, strongly recommend adding a subwoofer.
  • Chandra Prasad - A bit broad, but still an excellent resourceThere are only a few books that are must-haves for individuals who are looking to identify their optimum career area. Parachute is one of them. The book is a bit broad and far-reaching-it's meant to help all people with all career choices-but if you can funnel through the reading and apply the principles to yourself on a personal level, Parachute is well worth a careful look. Keep in mind that Parachute is for professionals who have not yet identified what segment of the job market they want to work in, not necessarily for people who have already found their niche and want to thrive.