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  • Penny - a different perspectiveI enjoyed learning more about this period of history from a different perspective, and i found my regard for Thomas Cromwell growing as i read the book- despite his conniving and manipulations, he was portrayed as man with some sense of obligation, of humanity, and with some forward thinking ideas.. I'lll now go back to read Wolf Hall.
  • Laney - The perfect regimenI love the "regimen!" I've had mild yet very stubborn acne since I was about 12 years old and have tried so many different things. Most products, like proactiv, worked for a couple of months and then my acne would return. I went on accutane which cleared my skin up for a while but had some pretty bad side affects and my acne eventually came back. I finally found the regimen about 2 years ago and it works wonders. My skin is clear, not dry, and not oily. After I finished my first set of the regimen I figured I could just get drugstore brands of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and a regular moisturizer but it didn't work half as well. It wasn't even that much cheaper to go with the drugstore stuff (which left my skin dry and broken out) so after 2 days I ordered another set of the regimen. I love the simple packaging and how affordable it is, too! The big bottles of the moisturizer and treatment last forever so it's a great investment.
    I highly recommend this regimen to anyone struggling with acne!
  • S. Neely "anarkissed" - It's a FOOD PRODUCT, essentially...When Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show and argued that pepper spray "is a food product, essentially," I decided to try it out as a spice for my Thanksgiving meal. Kelly is right: It's absolutely delicious. We put it on everything--from the turkey and dressing to the green-bean casserole and even the pumpkin cheesecake. Once the burning sensation dies down, along with the difficulty breathing and the temporary blindness, the taste left in your mouth is simply unparalleled and sublime. Plus, it's fun to keep a canister ready under the table and surprisingly shoot it in a friend's mouth just as they go to take a bite. Seriously, it's a culinary delight!