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  • Julie J - Download rocks!!I was thrilled to find this product downloadable as I recently deleted a mass storage component in my computer by accident. The result was that my computer does not recognize and CD's, plug-n-plays, nada! But I really needed to start this program for my business. Amazon came thru with flying colors with a computer download immediately! Dell even failed as they said it would take 7 days to ship??? but then provided a download link a day later to my email. Way too late! Amazon really came thru when I needed this. Now I am walking thru the book for this program to really tweek my business to it. It is very time consuming, but I know will be worth the effort when I can spit out P&L reports, vendor reports, etc on demand.
  • Ronald Hinton - You need a plan of attack and maintain it.Remember, this product also removes the good bacteria.

    You should take digestive enzymes to restore digestion. I take Papaya Digestive Enzymes. This avoids a queezy feeling and runny bowel movements. Your waste should be solid and torpedo shaped. The darker and smellier it is, the older it is. Until you pass a light brown bomber that does not smell - your cleansing program is not complete.

    Also, expect to become constipated again soon - because you have scrubbed your intestines with this product and the waste tends to cling. Get addicted to drinking a lot of water before you rise from the bed while cleansing. It seems to help to be horizontal for a few minutes when you wake up, having downed 4-6 capsules the night before. Let that large dose of morning water run through you.

    Suddenly you feel the bathroom urge. It may seem intense at first. The product may take a few days to kick in. Take 4 in morning, four at night. Take more if you are a large person. Keep it up. Develop the morning water deluge habit to avoid dehydration in the colon.

    You'll have to keep taking it in smaller doses once you are cleaned out. Your nose will run the moment your pipes are clear. This is the body re-lubricating the intestines. You'll feel great and even skin blotches and rashes will disappear from removing toxins in your blood.

    The old waste is absorbed over time and this product gets rid of it.

    Good Luck.

    Natural BrandTM Papaya Enzyme, 600 chewable Tablets
  • CTMom "lt22222" - Perfect for Lego LoversThis a great advent calendar for the Lego lovers in your family. We've gotten these in the past & they are always full of small, quick activities & Lego "sets" that will integrate with your existing Lego City pieces so the kids can use them for a long time to come. Lego never goes out of style from the oldest to the youngest kid at heart.
  • FLAVIA DE OLIVEIRA MELLO - Best choice! No doubtI read a lot of good reviews about it before deciding. There are also some YouTube vídeos showing babies having so much fun and exercising.
    I can not think about a better choice!
    My daughter simply loves it!
    And its fantastic how its so complete! She uses legs, arms, stays amuzed with the mirror and it also works for tummy time. Perfect!
  • Paul Johansen - Beauty Will Save the WorldMaurice Cornelius Escher was apparently wildly popular with mathematicians despite a total lack of any formal mathematical training. The examples that Edward Tufte uses to illustrate principals of visual excellence have that same intuitive appeal: it's clear they are both gorgeous and utilitarian even if the reasons why are not fully understood. Each of the 7 substantive chapters of "Beautiful Evidence" contains a range of delicious samples on a particular idea. My personal favorite is "sparklines", "intense, simple, word-sized graphics" that should be seamlessly incorporated into text. (Emoticons are a sort of sparkline.)

    "Beauty will save the world" I recently saw emblazoned on a coffee house painting. Edward Tufte will teach us how. :)