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  • Linda B. - no no reviewI honestly have to say that the no no hair removal system is the best item that I have ever bought. It works like it says it does and the best part is that I absolutely love it. I have no complaints about the no no at all. The battery stays charged for a very long time, I can use it for a week and the battery is still up on it.
  • S.Cline "Insanity Not Required Will Train" - HAVE YOUR WIN 7 AND GET YOUR WIN 8 TOO! (Dual Boot) REVISED REVIEWTHIS IS AWESOME; you can have your 8 and keep your 7 too for what is in your 7 which is heaven can be used in 8! (I have Win 7 Ultimate and Win 8 Pro which I dual boot.)

    NO, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SHELL OUT BIG BUCKS for touch screens and all of that, but it does help if you have that old OCR monitors and can it and get a flat screen HDMI (especially if you have a HDMI television) and gun up on your graphic card; you'll have a lot of fun this way and not be just cramped up on the desktop, wireless, tablet - as the old commercial for tires "Wider is Better!" Whoo Whoooo!

    Just try this Win 8 Pro on the HDMI Television - WOW! (Yes you can easily use wireless or wired - with extensions which are available - your keyboard and mouse or the small HDMI keyboard/mouse (which comes wired or wireless)...)BIG BANG FOR YOUR BUCKS HERE! IT'S ADDICTING! Especially if you have a CD/DVD/BE (BE stands for Blu-Ray)
    Rom Drive.

    Here's the fun stuff when you get the dual boot, because Win 8 reads off of Win 7; so if you have Zune; Zune is also XBox - therefore you will not lose anything! Likewise your MS Office and everything else. On the flip side of the coin; those who just suddenly realized not everyone has gone "to the cloud" like your online financial or banking ... Ruh Roh! It's that easy, just log off or restart and dual boot to Win 7 and you're on where you need to go.

    WIN 8 PRO has many advantages while do not let it intimidate you; it does at first look like a MEGA-SIZED SMART PHONE WITH APPS - which is true but the greatest thing is this ....


    A huge dramatic drop in resource and if you are dual booting with Win 7 Pro / Ult / Ent ---> then Win 8 / Win 8 Pro / and the latest new family member - Win 8 RTM (for tablets) - I strongly recommend you to visit Microsoft's Windows 8 at its current status; yes you will find there is a huge difference in comparison and why Win 8 doesn't have Office ... IT DOES if you dual boot off with Win 7 - you will still have your MS Office 2007 / MS Office 2010 "as it feeds off ot it". YES, there will be a 2013 released. Now to avoid some conflict and disappointed people - DO NOT GET WIN 8 RTM unless you have a TABLET even though while it appears limited; Microsoft eventually will come up with updates as Tablets are limited.

    LIKE WINDOWS 95 ---> WINDOWS 7 .... WINDOWS 8 has the SETTINGS and Configurations but it isn't where you think it is - Microsoft has made this all CLEAN NOW; cleaning up all the clutter.


    Now - you do not need to go out to purchase a touch screen at all - you can use your mouse for that. Then it's easy street once you get the hang of it all, it isn't all that bad but the temptation of becoming "Don't Worry I'm App Happy" can set in. (Greatest news - if you are not wireless, you can disable the roaming and everything else in the configuration, because apparently it would have no impact on a wired Ethernet to DSL cable and IF YOU ARE WIRELESS - WHOA MAMA! I CAN USE MY BLUETOOTH / SMARTPHONE / 3G OR 4G ON MY 'PUTER! DIS BE ALL GOOD MAN!).... So yes, opportunities are at your hands, you can become a "WILD THING"! Instead of your friend, family, loved one yelling at you to get off the phone ... now they're yelling at you to get off the 'puter and quit yapping! IT IS and WILL BE ADDICTING, so be careful!


    Okay - here's the part ... Where's the Start Menu and Task Bar?

    You say there isn't any? Well, yes there is - depending on how you configure your Windows 8; there are now books from Microsoft including Secrets all of them are excellent and I strongly recommend these three books which you will fall back to for reference and resources:

    Windows 8 Inside Out

    Windows 8 Secrets

    The above books are from Microsoft and below is another one:

    Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 8 (Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech))

    Just for starters and they are CHEAP NOW; snatch them while you can before the prices go up at this time of the post on THANKSGIVING!
  • C. Jay - Great CableI have 8 of these cables connecting my Knutsen Jigabit router to various other Jigabit switches. The cable does a great job of keeping the heat transfer away from the connections. I was using some hollow core nitrogen impregnated gold flux cables made by a cheaper mfg (monster - utter crap) but the sound just seemed so hollow. I was blown away with the soundstage reproduced when streaming pandora with these Denon cables.

    I was unaware that the connectors use a special plastic developed in space on the ISS. The plastic is of the purest form because of the weightlessness of the super-heated gamma rays bombarding a special melt box outside the ISS. These cables used to be cheap as hell (#bay for 15 bucks!) but since Obama decided the people didnt need a space program anymore the shipping charges skyrocketed. The Russians seem to think they can just screw people over. Also, the blue connector holders are of a rare material. Denamadium is a rare earth substance that is created when the northen lights come in contact with CO2 in the stratosphere. When the resulting microscopic particles fall to earth they turn blue. Denamadium is so small it takes an open pit mine of 20 square miles to retreive 1 ounce. I say its well worth the earth damaging process once you hear the sonical bliss coming from your ihome speakers.

    Please dont listen to the naysayers. They cannot comprehend the spacial clarity gained by using theses cables. Do we all really have to go to the moon once just to say that YES we did land on the moon? Just take it from a sound junkie that you WILL be blown away by these cables.
  • Kris Pelletier - Years of Dieting - Something That Finally WorksEven with my thyroid issues, I started right off losing a half pound a day just as promised. If you already love healthy food, you'll really enjoy this diet. The first 20 days are very specific so decide you're going to eat at home for a couple of weeks and be prepared to do lots of chopping. But the food choices are fabulous and the recipes are delicious - try the ones you don't think you'll like, you might be surprised like I was. Even my picky husband loves the food and he's not on the diet. Lost 9 pounds during the first 18 days and I was already following W.W. (without much success). Freedom to eat chocolate, drink wine, and consume more than a teaspoon of olive oil at a time - throw away the old rules and enjoy yourself.
    The first 2 days were tough as my body cleansed itself. My only complaint - Wish there were a couple of alternatives for foods that are mainstays during the first 20 days that I really don't like. Just 2 choices would have been nice.
    Hurray to Lyn-Genet Recitas for figuring out a way for us to greatly reduce the inflammation response we have to certain foods! And coming up with a common sense diet that is nutritious, tastes delicious and helps us be successful dieters.