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  • TERRIC - QUICKBOOKS PRO 2012This is my 3rd quickbooks pro. I had previous versions but because Quickbooks was not going to support the version that I had, I had to upgrade. It was very easy to install and the old files transferred easily. I have 20 years of files on this software. If there was one thing I could recommend for Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks, would be to have a way to divide the years up (like the old Quicken used to be). otherwise the files are extremely long. The program itself is very easy to use and I would continue to use this program indefinitely.

    Another plus with Amazon is that the item was almost $100 less than getting it directly from Intuit.
  • Peter - Much has been said about this tablet, so I'll keep this short.I love this device. It's got so much power, a great screen, snappy input, and ICS is wonderful. I can read all my books, surf the web, play console quality games and be productive on the road so nicely. Great device, good job ASUS. The recent updates have really made this thing shine. Unlocked bootloader will make this the best tablet for a while.

    gg haters.
  • David Cox "brodavefla" - a most amazing resource!I came across the reviews while setting up a link for a friend who I've advised to read this book. Can't believe the doofus who had an awful lot to say about the book, much of which was good, then gave it only one star because it wasn't another book by the same author or something. What a maroon!

    Anyway, I just don't have enough good things to say about "Parachute". I read the book when I was in the beginnings of a career change eight years ago, and it literally changed my life. I have the best job I've ever had, and have been on board for over seven years--that's over four years longer than ANY job I've ever held, anywhere.

    What happened? I read this book, did the "life mission" exercises, and built a job description based on my own unique life/work experiences and preferences. The job description was a pretty close match with the work I sought out and got hired for.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend this amazing resource to anyone who is in the midst of a career change, or is just contemplating finding work that is more meaninngful or a better fit. BUT...for it to really be of benefit to such a person, that person has to actually do the exercises in the book. I have a good friend who is a career counselor. I hadn't seen him in awhile and spoke to him recently about this subject. It is astounding to me that he assures me that I'm STILL the only person he knows of who has actually done the exercises in the book. The exercises aren't even that hard, it's just a matter of sitting down and doing something positive and helpful for yourself and your work prospects. This book's a perennial bestseller, so it looks like most folks either don't read it, or they breeze thru it without doing any of the work necessary in order to get any benefit out of it. That's what Zig Ziglar calls "stinkin' thinkin'!"

    Not only are a lot of folks out of work these days, but there are probably more people than that who are employed but aren't getting much out of their job other than a paycheck. I'm pretty sure that the world already has plenty enough people who are just going thru the motions at work. Would you like for someone like that to help you find a pair of shoes, serve you a meal, or wait on you when you're sick and in the hospital? I sure wouldn't...So if you are in a career transition, or just find yourself in a dead-end job that you're starting to hate, do yourself--and everyone else!--a favor: get this book, do the "life mission" exercises, and find that great job that's out there somewhere waiting for you!
  • mamasmiles - Awesome stroller for tall parents with multiple (or planning multiple) childrenI finally got my ideal stroller for baby #4.

    Here's what I love:
    - Easy to push, even with an older sibling on the piggyback board. I can easily push this stroller with one hand (yes, even with a child on the board) so long as there isn't much of a hill.
    - Big wheels. This means that the stroller handles mulch and gravel well.
    - Baby can face in or out. My baby loved facing me when she was tiny, and now that she is older (10 months) she often prefers to face out. I do like that I can still switch her around to face me if she wants to (nice for noisy or crowded places).
    - Awesome storage. I walk my daughter to school when the weather is nice, and I can easily fit her backpack, jackets, and anything else we need in the basket. The basket is the largest I've used, and I've owned a lot of strollers.
    - Easily accessible storage. There's no point in having a large basket if you can't reach the stuff in it. This basket is very accessible, with the baby facing in or out, sitting straight up or reclined, and with the bassinet on the stroller.
    - Extendable handlebar. This is especially useful if you like a high handlebar, and if you have a child on the Uppababy Piggyback board.
    - Great bassinet. I especially like that, on this model, the hood can zip open to expose mesh for a more comfortable ride in hot weather.
    - It grows with your family. You can add a second seat, and my kids love the piggyback board.

    - It's big, including when folded. It takes up a good third of the back of our Toyota Sienna when it is folded; more if we bring the bassinet along.
    - It's a bit heavy. Not for its size, but something to consider
    - The size and weight may make this a not-ideal stroller for shorter parents.