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  • Jason - The Best Travel BooksWe have been to Europe several times and we are going again this summer. Rick Steve's guides are easy to use when you are on the ground in Europe with his easy to understand hand drawn maps and tips to get to the important things you want to see most efficiently. Ricky's books are not as colorful and full of pics as frommers or dk books, but in my opinion the info beyond the nice photography is much better.
  • pShoe - Great TabletI know another iPad2 comparison review, but that is the standard to compare all tablets too. I am an owner of an iPad2 and a TF201. Hands down, I enjoy the TF201 more. More customization, easier user experience, and the build quality is great. I have had zero Wifi issues. The browser experience is not as good as the iPad, but I will update my review if ICS makes a different in that area.
  • Laurlie P - A Wealth of InformationI just have a good start on reading They Fired The First Shot 2012 - I am on page 110 out of 921 pages. I feel this book is very informative with accurate information that all American people should know. If it comes out on audio, I would be very interested, even though I have the book. Consider this my request for the audio version to be made available. I would highly recommend this book to everyone.
  • katiegee - works well and the help is great!This is the frist time that I ordered a program that you downloaded. I had concerns because it was the first time, but I felt that the name Amazon would assure a successful experience. A program that I already had on my computer interfered with the Norton download that I purchased. I was really having a problem and then I called Amazon support. The girl that helped me was wonderful, she was helping not demostrating how much she knew. I often do not call support because of the support staff, they often demonstrate how much they know and become short when the person calling does not know what the support staff knows. The person I talked to helped in every way. I got the Norton download for an excellent price and the young lady who helped was terrific! I would'nt hesitate to buy another download from Amazon.