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  • Ariella Vaccarino "creator "Voice Lessons... - It just opens you up and floods you with yourselfThis book is just phenomenal. I buy it as gifts all the time for people. I used it it a few times over the past years. Each time I was able to gain something out of it. The first times of course being the most incredible. What it does is forces you to get quiet with yourself so you can listen to yourself and figure out what you want to do and the path you need to take to do it. This book takes time though, so make sure you are starting it a point in your life in which you can commit to the program in it. As a result of the Artist's way I created a lot of tangible products that were just "sitting in me" before such as Voice Lessons To Go v.1-4 The Complete Set. This as a result began a whole business for me which created a fabulous stream of income which gave me freedom to be more with my family etc...
    I think everything you learn from the book is all ready in you, but what it does is is give you a structure and permission in which to release your creativity.
  • AK - No issues hereI received my ASUS last week. I have to say I was worried about some of the things I read in previous reviews. But so far I have no issues and/or complaints. The bettery life is great, the tablet is sleek and light. Not to mention very fast, I rarely find that it stalls when loading new applications, etc. Definitely need a screen protector and case as i feel it needs some protection. All I can say is that I got one with the bugs fixed before it rolled out, i.e. GPS, WiFi.
  • Old Tom - Tales at the officeOffice for Mac has never been as user friendly in a seamless way as the PC version is. However, this version is much improved over the 2004 I had for many years. The only problem I had was that the download version would not download, and it wasn't until I went through my Apple Care people, who sent me to Microsoft for Mac people, that the problem was resolved. I had to recently upgrade my OS on my iMac to 10.8.4 to enable my iPad and my iPhone 5 cloud services to sync with it, which then wiped out my Office. Apple didn't bother to tell me that would happen...oh well. I must say that the service I received from the Microsoft people( in the Philippines no less!), to resolve my problem was the best I have ever had from Microsoft; period. They were courteous and patient even though it took a whole hour to figure a solution out. It was determined that Safari did not like the new OS for this particular task. The fix was to install Firefox just for this occasion...whoda thunk that????? Now, it works great and at least Word is easier to negotiate than the old version. The jury is still out on Excel...time will tell.