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  • Kate McCarthy - Elegant, life-long solution for back painEsther Gohkale's book is an extraordinary work of art and an elegant, readable and user-friendly approach to the every day body mechanics that naturally produce back health. I was so intrigued by her thoroughly researched and practical approach to walking, standing, sitting, lying down and bending over -- movements that we just take for granted that we are doing correctly---that I arranged for a weekend intensive workshop in my home town for my law firm's staff. They got so much out of it, that we sent some of them to attend her advanced workshop in Palo Alto. There is now a culture of ergonomic awareness through the office and everyone is very appreciative. Word rapidly spread and she recently came back to town again to give another workshop. While the workshops certainly helped to anchor these techniques firmly in the body, they are not essential. We found that her material rich book and dvd, combined with the generous resources available on her website, including her online interactive sessions, are invaluable. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I have even taken to ordering this book by the box and give books away to my clients, friends and even casual acquaintances.
  • Jeffrey L. Blackwell - Excellent guide for taking personal responsibility for your healthAlthough this was compiled for village health-care, it is also a useful general guide to low-cost medical procedures & medicines. It includes excellent sections on ways to prevent and contain serious illnesses.