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  • Fernando Aguerrevere - Bad Milk in VenezuelaTuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz. WOW!! What a wonderful product! We used to have milk in Venezuela but since Chavez came to power, 11 years ago, all we have is bad milk (Mala Leche / Bad Luck)!

    We could use containers smaller than 1 Gallon since we also are out of electricity and any milk not consumed will be spoiled by the following day. We have tried to refrigerate the milk in our car by keeping the car running on a permanent basis with the air conditioner at full blast but that only keeps the milk fresh for another day. Yeah! Gas is THAT cheap! When we don't have electricity in our home we sleep in the car, it's so much fresher! At 7.4 cents a gallon I can fill my tank with $1. Too bad it tastes awful if not it would be a pretty cheap supply of food.

    We can also use the container of the Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz to take a bath. We fill it halfway (water is also rationed) and punch small holes in the bottom. WOW! Try it! What a shower! Also, it takes less than the PRESIDENTE mandated three minutes from soaping to drying. Better than a TAPARA. We can also use the container as a pee collector, so we don't have to flush the can so often. Don't forget to put the lid back on after peeing or the smell will kill you.

    If you collect enough Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz containers you will be able to build a raft and take all your family to Miami, home of the GOOD CUBANS.
  • Laurece M. Kausch - Super Colon Cleanse, Dietary Supplement, Good Source of Fiber, 24...Amazing product! I use it every day - take 3-4 tablets (spread throughout the day) and never have a problem like I used to for most of my life. I'd recommend this product to any adult.
  • K Hoy "K Hoy" - My ASUS TF201 Prime is okay.....I read all I could before ordering last month and am happy to report mine has had no issues. ICS loaded problem free, the Wi-Fi and GPS work fine anywhere I've tried in my house. The battery life is very good as well. It will not replace my laptop or desktop for inputing to the internet as a larger screen size and a real keyboard makes that task easier. Once you do have your favorite web sites loaded into the tablet though it's easier to navigate around with the GUI interface and just finger swipes. There are lots of apps available to chose from that are both fun, useful and informative. They load quickly and are fast and ready to use with their own icons. If I had to chose between a laptop or tablet strickly for versitility and productivity I'd still pick a laptop but the tablet interface makes it quicker to navigate and to checkout your favorite web sites with finger tip swipes in half the time while enjoying a morning cup of coffee. The unit works for me but then I tend be a moderate techno junkie so I'll keep this tablet and continue to enjoy what it does best. I purchased a cover that allows the tablet to stand up at different angles which makes it easier to use by freeing up your hands, also added a 32GB class 10 micro-SD storage card.