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  • Sugar Mama NYC - So Nice, I Read It Twice...DISCLAIMER: This was written by someone who has actually read Expecting Better, so it may not be vitriolic and entertaining as most of the reviews of this book. You've been warned...

    I loved this book so much that I actually read it twice, back to back and plan on revisiting it often during my (not so perilous, after reading this book) journey into motherhood.
    This book just simply reports heavily researched based results on practically every pregnancy topic a new mom to be would be curious about (read: freaking out over) for your review and states early and often that you should take this information and MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION (with one exception, she found absolutely no research that condoned any amount of smoking during pregnancy, SURPRISE!)
    As for the drinking during pregnancy which has 57 (at last count) "reviewers" up in arms... I expected this to consume half the book and give me free reign to guzzle as many Cosmos as I can handle based on some of the reviews here but it was a very small part of the book and boils down to this:
    No drinking in the first trimester: this is when most of the crucial brain development happens & one drink a day sipped slowly for the rest of pregnancy. These findings (not recommendations) come with detailed explanations that give you the resources to MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION whether or not to drink during your pregnancy.
    I'm pretty sure anyone who wants to drink heavily during their pregnancy will do so no matter what any book does or doesn't say and no where in this book will you find Emily Oster recommending doing keg stands at your baby shower.
    I found this book to be very well written, clearly well researched, easily digestible with just the right amount of levity. I can't imagine going through pregnancy without this book.
    If you are thinking about reading this book and aren't sure, I urge you not to be put off by the fact that Emily Oster is not a doctor, she never claims to be. She is an economist trained to review studies and evaluate the data for practical usage, which is exactly what she does in this book. When you research the ingredients in your shampoo and decide you don't like the data on sulfates, does it make you a biochemist? No, you're a normally curious person who would likes to be empowered to make the best decisions for yourself. You don't have to be an obstetrician to want to have a better understanding of the pregnancy process. You don't even have to be pregnant!
    Also, if you have decided that no matter what the book says is safe you will not touch a drop of alcohol during your pregnancy (as I have after reading the book), you will still find this book a valuable resource for preconception, pregnancy through all 3 trimesters (and beyond if your little bean is too comfortable), labor & delivery.

    This is truly a great book. I urge you to read it and judge for yourself.

    PS if you are TTC I recommend The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant. This another book written by a woman who is not an obstetrician, but a woman did exhaustive amounts of research and reports on what works and doesn't when trying to conceive.
  • Tressa - PerfectThis has to be the perfect little tablet it can do anything and everything. Need to get more for the family because we all want to use it all the time
  • Danny Chapman - Looks great, easy to assemble.I know others have found this difficult to assemble, but I found it not to be a challenge at all.. Just read the instructions, take note of the screw sizes that are clearly shown, use the right parts/tools and don't rush through.. It looks great, 552s will be setting on it in a few days when they get here. I will update this review after I add weights to it and see how it holds up.

    Just an update - I've been using this bench for months doing "Body Beast" with no issues. It's also great if you have lower back issues as you don't have to bend over so much to pick up the weights.
  • Adam Shingler - Bose does it again!This is a great speaker if you have limited room and you want something simple with great sound. The sound it very clean and clear. If you are looking for a lot of bass this is not the sparker for you. I would recommend this for a bedroom or a room that is not where you watch all of your movies.
  • Jeffrey C McCollum - Great quality at the right price.Love these balls. I use them for both a boys U-5 and a boys U-8 team I coach. Great price. They hold air quite well and have been nicely broken in within a few weeks of practice. We run a lot of drills that require a lot of balls to minimize breaks for ball retrieval. These balls were perfect for the team and had my older sons team not been moving up to size 4's very soon I likely would have doubled my order.