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  • Nick James - Don't be fooled by bad reviewsI held off on buying this game. One because I've learned my lessons too many times buying a game day one and two because I read some reviews. The positive side of waiting is that I missed all the day one problems most games have these days and this one is obviously not an exception. The down side was that I almost decided to never buy this game because of all the negative reviews.

    Let me assure you that if you like this style of game, this one is king. First of all imagine Diablo 2 with all the annoying stuff stripped away, much better graphics, and much more intense game play, and you have Diablo 3. It is a far superior product.

    Remember wasting space in your inventory for scrolls of identity and scrolls of town portal? Gone thank goodness. Remember using the powerful gem for a socket then shortly later finding a new piece of equipment which made it feel like you wasted a rare gem. No longer a problem. Remember the potions? Never knowing if you had enough. You needed mana and health. They would only stack 10 high. All of those pains gone. Mana pools regenerate fast and health potions stack in one single slot.

    And the biggest complaint about the skill tree being gone. In Diablo 2 you would spend countless hours leveling your character and placing points in the tree planning to unlock some skill which sounded great. Once you got there and discovered the points were wasted on a skill which didn't fit your style or was just weak there was only starting over. Your character wasted. The new system not only unlocks everything for you, you can fine tune it to your style or situation you face. It is awesome. Additionally the skills are really cool.

    The complaints about always having to be online. Well if all those people complaining didn't cheat and devalue the rest of the Diablo communities experience in Diablo 2, they would have never had to protect their property be requiring it be online. Online was junk in Diablo 2 because no character was legitimate. Just like how Borderlands recently became junk. Hackers and those who will use the cheats hackers create. You ruin the developers work and you ruin all the customers property by modifying the game outside of the original intent. So I am happy Blizzard put this into place to protect my investment in their product and my property. Good for you Blizzard.

    If you don't like the auction house don't use it. It is not necessary to get good loot. Just play online with others and you'll get more good loot. Anyway online play is really intense and a great time. I played a large portion of the game single player. Then I tried it multiplayer. I would not play anyway but multiplayer now.
  • Roberto Espinoza Guzman - excellentthank you for this product, I am very happy and I use this product in my tablet or in my smartphone