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  • Christine O'zee - Making a hard situation easierThank you Bic. I've been having a hard time recently. My husband left me for a younger woman. I know it was my fault. I never could lose those 5 lbs I gained after our fourth child. Anyways, I've had to learn so much recently like how to drive, find a job, and use a map. Don't worry, I take my checkbook to my brother to balance because I know my limits. One of my biggest struggles has been writing. Those man pens are cold, hard, and dark. I swear I start to cry just looking at them. With my Bic Crystal for Her, I have a pen that understands me. She's with me all the time and doesn't judge me for slowing down a little as I drive by the ice cream shoppe. She's been a real support through this ordeal and I don't know where I'd be without her.
  • Angela M. Shorter - LOVE itMy hormones have finally gotten back under control :) I dont' necessarily see it as a fertility drug even though we are trying but since my hormones have gotten under control, iv'e felt better than ever!