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  • C. Overgaard - Well worth ReadingWith everything that has been said and written about the 2012 Presidential primaries and the general election, one would think there was not much more to be said. But Mark Halperin and John Heilemann have a lot more to offer. They were able to get most of the major people involved, apparently including the candidates, to open up and share their thoughts and feelings about things that took place during the campaign. It is well worth reading although, as Michael Kinsey has pointed out, you may need a dictionary for some of the unusual (and unnecessary) words they use. Among the things that stand out:

    • Presidential politics is even more rough and tough than most people would imagine. The candidates are out to destroy each other and many times are successful, particularly if they have mega funds at their disposal. The Romney camp’s destruction of Gingrich is an example.
    • With few exceptions, the candidates in the primary and the general election really did not like each other.
    • Romney was not well liked by leading Republicans, apparently including Ryan before he became Romney’s running mate.
    • Romney, his wife and most of Romney’s close advisors actually thought he would win. But given everything that took place, including the positions he took during the primary and his not infrequent missteps, it is surprising he didn’t lose by more.
    • Governor Christy has a huge ego and apparently more than a few skeletons in his closet.
  • Catherine "cath" - Great... highly recommended!!I really find this book useful in pda, but when I am at home. I rather read it off a book to save my eyes. This is more than enough comprehensive cover for my clinical phrase in medical school. It is very updated, brief, and straight to the point as compare to the big classic Harrision IM volumes. If you want more detail and have the lux and time to read more into each topic, then get the Harrision IM. Else, this is good enough for management.
  • barb12 - Great PurchaseI wasn't sure about purchasing the software because I thought it would be too complicated to use. Glad I went ahead. Downloading was easy and seamless. So far I have created a cookbook and added several recipes to it. The only thing I haven't used is the scan feature. This was one of the reasons I bought the software because I have hundreds of recipes I wanted to load into the program and the explanation isn't very clear to me on how to do it but I haven't yet asked for assistance from the manufacturer, hopefully I will get a clear answer. It comes with hundreds of different recipes and you can download receipes from other cookware programs.