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  • Tired Mom "Love sucks" - Always a Norton Fan.I have tried other antivirus and they sucked i didnt want to spend the cash cause norton can be so pricey so i went with a cheep brand wish i didnt cause i still got a worm killed my computer had to buy a new one and now 900$ later learned my leason.
    I will always buy Norton and the down load was easy too.
  • Samantha Ornelas - It worksThis definitely works the way the product says to and it is important to use only a few days of it every so often but what is good is that there are so many pills in this one bottle it will last a while.
  • Tiffany McGraw - Best gift ever!My husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas & I love it! I love being able to download books directly from the Kindle & getting them in a few seconds.

    I was worried about accidentally pressing the page forward button constantly like other reviewers said, but it hasn't been an issue.

    I think the book cover that comes with the device could be better, but I like that it has a little cushion where it closes over the screen, which I've read that other covers don't have.

    It has a good battery life, & the whispernet has never cut off on me.

    I also like that it has a built-in dictionary, & you're able to write notes for sections of the book you're reading which is good for me when it's discussion day in the book club I'm apart of.

    I highly recommend the Kindle for those who love to read & are running out of bookshelf space!