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  • DCMINICAN - It just works!I've been using this product for over a year now. I am lactose intolerant so dairy products are a killer for me. Certain vegetables like broccoli, avocados and beans make me have problems with bloating, gas, constipation, stomach growling, stomach aches you name it. My system is just not there. This product right here will make you go! There's no question about it. For me, using the recommended 4 pills did not work, 1. Because after a few days you really do not need cleansing (This thing will clear you out in like 2-3 days max) and 2. Because after a few days your body adjusts to the pills and for me it was a waste. Therefore I developed a system of taking 1 pill a day. With one pill my system was balanced, no gas and no bloating. I could even eat dairy (except whole milk) and vegetables without problems.

    I used to get these at Costco. For some reason Costco has stopped selling them and I have not taken them in over 2 weeks. My system is now all out of whack and I need to get me some more. Highly recommend this product.
  • Leaf in the Wind - Finally Relief!I have been having digestive issues stemming from an ulcer I developed back in October, 2011. The ulcer finally healed, but I still was experiencing side pain and irregularity with my digestion. I have been healthy my whole life and had never had any issues like this (no IBS, no food allergies, nothing).

    I had been to countless visits to the doctor and gastroenterologist and finally in exasperation saw the TV commercial for this product and decided to give it a try.

    All I can say is WOW. Literally within 3 days of taking this pill daily in the morning, all my issues have been resolved. I am feeling good and back to myself again after nearly a year of pain and discomfort. These pills really work and I have never written a review on Amazon like this before, but because I am so amazed at this product, I wanted to make sure others knew about it.

    This stuff really works.
  • Jose Nava - Awesome product!!I have been using the Flexbelt for about 9 months now. I saw it in a TV ad but didn't purchase it on the Flexbelt site until i read and compared reviews from customers about electronic abdominal toners out in the market. I needed to lose some inches off my waist. The Flexbelt has enough power to reduce abdominal fat and tone your six-pack muscles. After only about 6 months of use every other day for about an hour, I went from size 34 to a 32 waist. I also noticed that I had some definition of muscle where once there was all fat. I am very thankful to the Flexbelt team for coming out with such a practical product that really works!!
  • Smith Dean Morrie - Everyday we are given the characters and plots of stories of talented authors that cry out with creative genius this is one suchThere is a thrill when a novel reaches in and grabs you and marches you up and down a stairway to a story straight out of the depths of creativity and madness. Without even given the reasons for living in something that is not explained, traditions and class structures, we are given very little-known of the Why, it's a fantastic experience that Hugh Howdy has given us to read.
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