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  • High Value Lady - Great Advice, 100% worth it....I enjoyed Matthew's book. I picked up so many tips and useful information that I have never heard before. I appreciated his humor, honesty and straight to the point direction of the book. He also comes across as someone who genuinely cares about women and how to get them in successful relationships. The video clips at the end of some chapters are genius. As someone who is more of a visual learner it was great and I felt very connected to the content of the book and the author. If you are hesitating don't! Buy the book and enjoy. 100% worth it.
  • siafu - S I M P L Y I N C R E D I B L EI've had mine for almost a year of hard use on a daily basis for both work and play. My iPad mini has become an indispensable tool. This is a near perfect and high quality device, built like a tank, sexy design, power easily lasts me all day long in spite of intensive image processing use, excellent display even though it's not retina, extremely functional, I can easily hold and work with it in one hand. If you want a device that works consistently well all the time, then pay the higher price and get an iPad mini - you get what you pay for and it's definitely worth it. The mini has set and maintains the high standard by which other small tablets are measured by. Hold one in your hand, you'll see.
  • San Antonio - Wish I had read this book first!We read several baby books in preparation for the big day: What to Expect the First Year, Becoming Babywise, The Happiest Baby on the Block, etc., etc. I started this one two weeks after the birthday, and I wish I had read it first. It has been the most useful and relevant so far. It is less repetitive than most of the other baby books and has a thorough index so you can skip to what you need. It had several tips about the first few days with baby that I wish I had read earlier.
    I've gotten useful tips from most of the books, just wish I had read this one first.
  • love 2 cu read "love 2 cu read" - Fantastic in every way - our "bible" while in Paris!Rick Steves' guide to Paris has every detail and tip you'll need to get around Paris - even if you are like my husband and I were - on our first trip there. His tips for the Museum pass, common sense guides on transportation, his self-guided tours, directions - you name it, Rick had it covered. At one point, I was in need of an internet cafe - sure enough, I looked in the index, and Rick had locations for these! I can't recommend him more highly - if there were 6 stars, he'd get them from me.