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  • Hope E. Roth - A Fascinating ReadDon't let the naysayers who clearly didn't read the book dissuade you, this is a great read. It's a rare book that makes difficult subject matter easy to read without dumbing it down, but this book accomplishes that feat handily. I enjoyed reading it, and I felt better educated about pregnancy when I was done.
  • ADB - Intelligent discussion of dataOster does a great job of analyzing myriad medical data and disaggregating the many underlying risk factors during pregnancy. While a medical professional will also be acting with a strong incentive to eliminate risk of malpractice suits, her role as an economist gives her the perfect skills to scrutinize methodology and results of medical research. I encourage everyone to read this book, and follow Oster's approach of eliminating bias and confounding factors of the data, assessing the risk of a certain behavior, and making a decision that is rational, given a particular risk profile. I actually wish people would do this with every action in their lives, but while pregnant is a good start.

    Also, anytime there is a bifurcated distribution, something is probably amiss in the data. Take that to heart when looking at these reviews.
  • April Tullos - Well written and thought outI was a little hesitant to read this book after all ready seeing the movie. But I'm glad that I did. It is very well written and I enjoyed it as much as the movie. It's very descriptive and easy to read. There weren't any parts that were dragging on. I will be reading the next book asap. Hopefully before I see the next movie.
  • lalady - Love it so far.I received this as a Christmas gift. Baby isn't born yet so I haven't had the opportunity to use it and this is my first stroller to own, so I have nothing to compare it to, however it is fairly light weight, easy to handle and looks durable enough. I cant wait to get to use it and quite excited about this gift!
  • futurefantastic - What a great book, when is the next chapter out?Have you ever read a book, and been annoyed that your thoughts were not as original as you would have liked! This was one of those books for me. It is hard to remain annoyed while smiling though, especially as you are furiously jotting down further ideas that your reading has generated.
    Scoble and Israel manage to give reasonably detailed explanations of the technology involved, without losing the reader. There are enough anchor points to popular culture, and to current technology use, that even the more incredible predictions become plausible. They do not shy away from examining some of the negative, or possibly even ominous, ramifications to privacy and security that arise should these technologies be subverted. They have used an almost dialectic writing mechanism to present different views that take in comparative benefits or dangers that are associated with technological change.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to anyone who is considering reading it. My only criticism is that I finished it too soon... More, More.