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  • India Susanne Holden - Fascinating readI can't quite decide if it should be five or four stars. The downside right upfront: Even though Ping Fu is vulnerable in what she allows to be revealed about her, she doesn't quite reveal herself. Perhaps out of self-protection, but maybe because there's still more self-reflection to be done.

    But that said, I was utterly engrossed and read the book on vacation within two days. I might call her depiction of the early days of the Cultural Revolution fascinating, weren't it for their awfulness. It's hard to read what human beings can and will do to each other. But that said, had the book only been about Fu's building of her company, Geomagic, or only been about her suffering, it would not have called to me. Even though Ms Fu is humble in the extreme, I disagree with her self-assessment and view her as an extraordinary person.

    I highlighted numerous passages, among which my favorite is her advice to women who want to break through the glass ceiling. Looking to nature for clues and noting its constant movement, rather than constant growth she says this: Think about moving forward to make personal and social progress, rather than moving higher to gain a superior position.

    In all, her experience of building her business with compassion, humility and love sets an example that I want to gladly follow. It's a relief to know that it is possible to attain Ping Fu's level of success without being a cut-throat and cold-blooded opportunist.
  • dream factory - A Hot Little BookI mean hot full of quick hard facts about all the infections your gonna meet in my ER. Some heavyweights come in early (2am) and often. So you get to know you ABX drug of choice pretty well of things like peritonitis, cholangitis, meningitis, cellulitis, NH pneumonia.

    But what's new with those weird things that don't come around often enough to be carved into your cerebrum? Like neo fever, botulism, human bites, mastoiditis, immune compromised infections, HIV hepatitis.

    Keep this little pocket book handy and you'll learn quick enough to stay afloat down here. The Sanford guide is a complicated dinosaur, the pharmacopeia is too dinky. Pull those rags out during morning rounds and you'll be eating them for breakfast. If we have time.

    What I'm getting at; this is the book for ER ID rounds. . . . Ok sure it doesn't have the newest doc for c. Diff (Dificid) or Teflaro or Xerese. But any med book is already outdated the day it's printed. Anyway stay away from that new stuff till it's been tested on the human heard by our learned ID colleagues upstairs.

    Ok, get some sleep. Bring your Ritalin. And don't you dare be late. The unit secretary will literally shoot you, then I'll have to sew you up.

    And don't lean on them walls, you are doctors now, not scarecrows!!
  • P. L. Thomas "Readaholic" - The LATEST best book I have read this year!!I started with "One for the Money", which I picked up in the bargain bin at my local bookstore, and therefore was in no hurry to read. A couple of weeks later, when I finally did pick it up, I didn't put it down for 6 hours...and I immediately got online with Amazon.com to see if Janet Evanovich had written anything else. Thank God she had. I ordered the second and third books in the series. It is now ten days (and another order from Amazon.com) later, I just finished "High Five" and threw it at the wall with a primal scream. Who was at the door!? Then I checked the publication date so I would have an idea of how long I have to wait to find out. A whole year? I may not survive! Please, Janet, be merciful. Get number 6 on the bookshelves SOON!
  • Jennifer Woodcock - A Binder DividedThis binder is especially effective when complemented with sufficient sets of dividers to keep all women neatly and effectively partitioned. May I suggest pocket dividers as the preferred option - useful for tucking away all those annoying stray issues that might otherwise slip out of your binder.
  • S. Morrison - A great productI purchased Align specifically for my mother after she became terribly sick with C.diff. Someone I knew was taking it after having C.diff. After my mother had gotten C.diff as well, I bought a box of Align for her. Well, within days she was feeling so much better. Within a week she was feeling wonderful, singing Align's praises, and thanking me and my friend for saving her life because she felt certain the C.diff would have killed her at her age. A doctor advised another friend to take it along with the antibiotics she was taking for this gastointestinal bacteria. None have gotten a reoccurrence of C.diff while on this probiotic.