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  • Ovieda Estrada "Insight Seeker" - Works for me!My medical doctor recommended this product to me after diagnosing me with candida via a blood test. Some people have complained about feeling bad. I have to ask - did your doctor not explain to you that when you kill candida, the dying off produces at times almost flu like symptoms? Everything from bad breath to stomach cramps. I don't think you can blame the products you ar using to kill the candida. This product tastes good and is very portable which I like. Based on the candida die off symptoms I have, it seems to be working. It also gives me a little energy boost.
  • chaz - my wife loves iti bought this as a present for my wife after she saw some kitchen of the rich and famous in a magazine with a built in herb garden. she was suprised and loved it. she has used it to grow herbs and tomatos. if you know somone who loves to cook with fresh ingridents this thing will make them verry happy. it is verry easy to use and works just as described. you just have to keep it full of water and give it a neutrient tablet every now and then. the stuff grows super fast and lasts a long time. it has it's own light so you don't have to put it by a window.
  • D. Anderson "online shopper" - Has helped me shed a few pounds!I usually don't purchase pills to help me loose a few pounds because I tend to always try to do it by exercising, but I am getting ready to go on my family vacation in a few days so I needed something to help me shed a few pounds quick. I have a friend who used this particular brand of garcinia cambogia and she recommended that I try it because it had helped her loose some weight. So I took the plunge and tried this stuff out and OMG, I have lost a total of 6 pounds in the past 2 weeks! I am very happy with the results I have gotten so far and will continue to keep taking this until I have lost my goal of 20 pounds. I am so glad that I took my friend's advice and wanted to share my experience because this stuff is great!
  • Christopher A. Meli - gratifyingly, a worthy successorIf you haven't read Wolf Hall: A Novel, you need to stop right here and read it. Of course you could read Bring Up the Bodies: A Novel (John Macrae Book) without doing so - the background isn't critical - but that wouldn't be a good life choice. The next question is, is _Bring Up the Bodies_ as good? No and yes - even if of the same quality (which it is), it can't produce the same astonishment at Hilary Mantel's craft if you've already been exposed. But the additional complexity explored in _Bring Up the Bodies_, as Cromwell moves towards anti-hero and King Henry is fleshed out (figuratively and literally), add additional dimensions to the second book. I was fortunate to have read James Wood's piece on _Bring Up the Bodies_ (The New Yorker, 5 May 2012) prior to reading the book, and his final paragraph comparing Cromwell to 1984's O'Brien resonates. The second book ends with Cromwell far less likable than he was at the end of the first, but this is all for the best. Throughout the dialogue is spellbinding and unerringly true to the characters. Highest recommendation.