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  • L. Edwards - Breathless is right.I thought this story line was great. Appreciated the strong, young women and how she jumped into things with knowledge of the positives and consequences and make a confident choice. Enjoyed that the sex portions were not drawn out page after page after page. Third person writing is easy to follow. Con - wish that some of the "issues" they had to face were continued a bit longer. Seemed like they got over them and then on to something else too quickly. Overall, a great book. Can't wait for books 2 & 3 to come out. Have book 2 pre ordered so I'm glad I only have to wait for a month!
  • Kellie - Works great!I recently received a free sample of this product (from smiley360.com) and stuck it in my medicine cabinet for future use. I do not get cold sores often but when I do they are painful and take a while to go away. In the past I have used Abreva and while it helped a little, I didn't feel like it was wonderful - or worth the price.

    The other day I was getting ready and I noticed I had a decent-sized cold sore that must have just started and was already getting sore. I remembered the free sample and pulled it out to try. Here is what I thought.

    Pros: Easy to apply.
    Numbs nearly instantly.
    Dries quickly.

    Cons: Dried my lips.

    I have to say I applied this and then got ready so I was fearful that I may have washed it off too soon or something so at bed time I used the other enclosed dose on clean, dry lips and then went to sleep. The next morning I was amazed that the cold sore was considerably smaller and gave me almost no discomfort. That alone would convince me to buy again but the second morning the cold sore was a tiny spot with almost no discomfort at all.

    I would highly recommend this if you get painful cold sores. I do recommend following it with applications of lip balm as it seems to be very drying.
  • John Jorgensen - Gets the Job DoneMcAfee Internet Security does a fine job of protecting my computer from online threats. It prompts me for permission before opening an online file, blocks redirects to harmful sites, and asks my permission before permitting any program other than Internet Explorer to go online. I can adjust security settings so that any one program which needs to use the Internet frequently will be permitted to so without the prompt, but with what I use the computer I installed the program on for, it's really not necessary.)

    So it does the job it's intended to do and does it to my satisfaction. I also appreciate how unobtrusive it is: It's always running some background scan or other, which I can observe whenever needed, but it doesn't bother me with requests for action when I'm trying to do something else or clammer for me to install some update when I first log on. Highly recommended.
  • M. ORIAS "puccagirl73" - Psyched!!! This book was awesomeThis novel was very original and quite unique. I really enjoyed this book, most people think perfection is being able to move beyond emotions but emotions are what are able to make beings grow, achieve, and change otherwise you are stagnant. Sascha is the most unique character I have encountered in a long while, in that she will be perceived as flawed by her kind if she reveals she has emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of her character and her development.

    Lucas is one solid Alpha male character, he shows the best traits of being alpha while still maintaining enough of the bad boy qualities to remain really yummy. I love that he teaches Sascha the value of physical touch.

    Nalini Singh is in a league all her own with her eloquent prose. I look forward to reading more from her, I'm Psyched ;D.
  • Grigory's Girl "GR" - A testament to Waters's and Floyd's genius....This is arguably Floyd's greatest work, and is truly a legendary album. Rumour has it that Roger Waters showed this work and The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking to the boys in Floyd at the same time, and the Floyd members decided to do this one (smart move). It's an immensely complex work, which was probably lost on many who just loved the lyrics of Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2. It's one of rock's most ambitious albums, and Waters and the band should be congratulated for that. This is pretty much Waters's creation, with a few credits given to Gilmour, and one to the producer, Bob Ezrin. Many people have trashed Waters as an egomaniac, but he is a great lyricist/songwriter. His lyrics and songs are vastly superior to Gilmour's, and he came up with the great concepts for all of Floyd's classic albums. However, Gilmour, Mason, and Wright did contribute greatly to the Floyd sound. They may not have gotten credit all the time, but Pink Floyd really interpreted Waters's work very well. Waters's solo albums aren't as good as his Floyd work, and this may have something to do with it. The tour for this album was one of the most elaborate in rock history. Gilmour, Mason, and Waters didn't get paid for their work here because they felt it was more important to put the show on in their original concept. Ironically, Richard Wright, who was fired (or left) the group during the sessions for The Wall, was hired as a contract musician for the tour, and ended up being the only one of the group who made any money off the tour. This was probably Floyd's last great album, even though The Final Cut is brilliant in its own right and Momentary has its moments (I don't have The Division Bell). There are many great songs here, much of them better than Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 (Mother, In the Flesh I and II, Waiting for the Worms, Goodbye Blue Sky, One of My Turns). It isn't a happy album (despite success, Waters's songs got even darker as the years went on), but it's absolutely essential.