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  • SchwabHY - Best dressage overview and how-to-book!This book is exactly what I needed! Jane Savoie really breaks things down so that a beginning dressage student or even a seasoned veteran can fully utilize her training expertise and guidance. Everything in this book is presented in a logical manner with clear instructions and illustrations/pictures. I have yet to come across anyone who has been able to break things down for me the way Ms. Savoie has! I've even gone on to purchase her training videos, "Riding in Your Mind's Eye" and "The Half Halt - Demystified", paired with her Dressage 101 book they are the greatest tools to help break down what I need to do, and how I need to do it. They have even helped me better understand my instructor and what she wants of me and horse!

    I've read other dressage books, and while they are good too, Ms. Savoie's Dressage 101 is the best and needs to be a part of your dressage and/or eventing library! I highly recommend this training book!

    Other books that go well with this one are:
    - The USDF Guide to Dressage by Jennifer Bryant
    - 50 5-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding by Wendy Murdoch

    Other dressage reads to consider:
    - Dressage Unscrambled by Bill Woods (not a "training" book or "how to" book but a fun dressage read!)
    - Dressage Formula by Erik Herbermann (a bit on the advanced/theory side, and a heavier read, but great book to understand dressage concepts)
  • webicy - Transformer Prime : best product i bought on amazonI bought the transformer prime on Amazon US because it was out of stock every where in UK. The seller was very good the parcel was delivered on time and in mint condition. I have the table for almost 5 months now and i never had any issue what so ever. people have complained about the WiFi and GPS but I have never experience such issue , my transformer picks up the signal pretty well , sometime even better than my Nexus S.
    This little thing has saved my life several time, it possibility to act as net book(Very portable and fast net book) make this tablet an life changer and although people argue that it pricey, i would say that it worth spending some cash on it . It is solid, the screen is scratch resistant thanks to it gorilla glass and the metallic body make it look very posh and yet durable. Also, ASUS is very good at assisting their customer so far they have been pushing updates very often and fast and I believe it will be even better now that they have sign partnership with Google.
    The prime is a powerful entertainment gadget, sometime it beats my PS3 as it plays 1080p MKV file very smoothly. Hook it up to the receiver for the best High Def experience. However I have noticed that the sound output while using the HDMI cable is some how mono or only stereo. I hope ASUS or Google find the way around it.

    The prime came with loads of cool app. My favourite one is MyCloud, which let you control your home pc from where ever you are as if your table was running Windows. All touch gesture are supported (unlike other like Teamviewer)the experience is amazing . one day I went to a party and they didn't have music, thanks to the Prime and the Mycloud app, I was actually playing the music from my home PC but the sound was output on the Prime miles away from home.

    This is just a little overview of what the Prime has bought to my life... Really ... I am in looove with it
  • Kaitlyn - Best Virus Protection Out ThereI don't usually write reviews, but for something as important as virus protection, I feel I need to.

    I got AVG about two and a half years ago, when I first got this computer. I purchased it because at the time, a two-year subscription was much cheaper than a one-year subscription to Norton, which was what I always used. I was extremely happy with the product, but assumed the reason my computer ran so nicely was because it was still relatively new.

    At the beginning of March, my license ran out, and AVG's prices had gone up, so I switched back to Norton. Big mistake. For whatever reason, the disc wouldn't install onto my computer, so I had to send it back to Amazon and do a direct download. My computer slowed down soon after, even though I had more than 700 GB of room left, but I figured since it was two years old and most of my other computers didn't last longer than three or four, it was normal.

    Last week, I was attacked four different times by the FBI Moneypak virus. In case you aren't aware what that is, it's a virus that gives you a screen saying the FBI found copyrighted material on your computer, and you need to pay a fine of a certain amount of money before the next day, or else your computer will remain locked and charges will be brought against you.

    As a writer, it was terrifying for me because I hadn't gotten the chance to back up my writing, and a few people my husband knows had the same virus, and not much luck in getting rid of it. I scanned Norton in safe mode, and they found nothing, so the next day I downloaded the free version of AVG, and not only did they find the virus, but a number of other ones, and when it tried to attack again, AVG blocked it.

    I am now back to AVG Internet Security, what I had before, and my computer is back to running like it did when it was new. I have no idea why AVG makes my computer run so much better, but the change is noticeable. I strongly recommend this product to anyone, as even the free version seemed to protect my computer better than any other product, though I'd strongly recommend going with Internet Security, since it does offer better protection, and you can't beat the prices on Amazon, like usual.

    Also, if you go onto AVG's facebook, they are extremely helpful in answering any question you might have, and very quickly. I am overall, 100% happy with this product, and so glad that it's allowed me to have my computer back.