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  • Joey "snlhoney85" - Hair TherapySo my hairdresser said that I should start to use a protein reconstructor. This Aphogee 2-step treatment protein was my 2nd go to product (I tried Nexxus Polymedic Reconstructor 1st and it's okay, but I like Aphogee better). The stuff smells horrible and it's very runny, yuck.

    I applied it to my hair and then blow dried it for 10 minutes until the stuff made my hair rock hard. Then I washed it out.

    I followed with the Aphogee balancing moisturizer. For ANY type of protein reconstructor, it's very important to use some type of balancing moisturizer to restore the pH of your hair back to normal. If not, you WILL experience breakage.

    My curl pattern turned out very nice and my hair felt silky and moisturized.
    I will stick to this product. Not a bad find.
  • Laurece M. Kausch - Super Colon Cleanse, Dietary Supplement, Good Source of Fiber, 24...Amazing product! I use it every day - take 3-4 tablets (spread throughout the day) and never have a problem like I used to for most of my life. I'd recommend this product to any adult.
  • Joe Siepka - My 2 centsSo far I like the series and I would recommend it. What I'm having a rough time with is connecting with the characters. There is still a lot of potential and that alone will keep me watching.

    And for all those that say we are crazy for purchasing the episodes when you can watch them for free this is my response. I prefer to show my support directly to the show by paying to view it without commercials. Regardless of using Amazon or other services I can watch any episode, anywhere, on any of my devices without commercial interruption! Loosing 15 minutes in every hour due to commercials is time I can never get back. So here is my two bucks please keep pushing out more episodes!
  • Trina Messano - Ir really workedI had yet to find a product that actually worked to shorten the time of a cold sore. Trust me I have been getting the since I was 12. When I got the free sample of Orajel One Dose, I figured it would be like the rest. I tried, it burned for a few seconds and nothing. So I though, the next day it did not hurt anymore and was drying up. Three days later instead of ten it was gone. So worth it, give Orajel a try. I'm a member of Smiley360.com, where I qualify to try brands for free in exchange for sharing my authentic feedback.