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  • Lucy Rosset - Thanks to this diet, I have regained my life!Thanks to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I have regained my life! For many years, ulcerative colitis controlled almost every aspect of my existence - where I worked, social situations, recreation, travel, etc. Having not responded well to medications, I had even reached the point of discussing with my doctor the possibility of having my colon surgically removed. I would never have thought that something as simple as diet could solve this problem.
  • The FONZ - THE WAIT IS OVER!!!After I got this 32GB Asus for my daughter(6 years by way), I'm blown away how awesome it look and how speedy the processor is. Upgrade to new firmware 4.0 on day one.....SWEET!!! My daughter approve it and loves her You Tube and her Mario games on it. I never could be happy with my purchase as I load TONS of games 2500 plus games that I have install that play Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Genesis and Playstaion games. *please don't ask how to get them as for legal reason* Simply amazing tablet and hands down for Asus! BTW.....I'm a Gamer. I WANT ONE NOW!!!.....I get me a 64GB and add a 32GB micro SD to expand it for more space. Whatever the people say here, they are entitle to their opinion. But I wonder if some people know how to use it to give it a low rating?...hmmm. I have no issue what so ever and barely scratch the surface on this. Took me awhile to get use to it but I got a feel of it now and how the 4.0 does wonders on it. I do admit, it does comes with flaw like any other issue with new things in the program but nothing major like any other manufacture out there hence Apple, Microsoft and Sony. I highly recommend this a buy than an iPad 3 any other day!!! I prefer my freedom to explore on the net and make my tablet that I want it to do in ways Apple won't let you then you have to go out of your way to jailbreak it to make it what you want with flaw and void your warranty. The choice is yours! ^_^