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  • Scott "Santa Cruz Mntns" - Debt reduction scenario builder worth the upgradeUpgraded from 2010 Deluxe, which I also liked. Had no trouble in the upgrade. First time I synched my onestep updates it was a bit slow (three US based institutions), but after that it has been the same fast performance as before the upgrade. What I would call the dashboard continues to be improved with each upgrade; it is easier to see your finances at a top level which for me makes planning easier. I like the debt reduction feature specifically, where you can easily model something like mortgage early payoff with either increased monthly payments or lump sum payments. It's a nice retirement tool, to model when and how you can best pay down a mortgage early.
  • R. Heller "Book Lover" - this is a wonderful tabletI bought the Galaxy Tab2 after researching current tablets on a number of web sites . I had to replace my Toshiba Thrive which was my first tablet . It developed a crack in the upper left corner . I say developed, because it was never dropped and was always kept in a protective case. Since it was warranteed with Squaretrade, they told me to send the Toshiba to them and they will be sending me $300.00 ( my cost for the tablet) to replace it. The Galaxy Tab came in at about that price. The crack was the best thing that happened to me ! I didn't realize how wonderful a tablet could be ! The Galaxy is a brilliant instrument . It towers over the Thrive in design, display and ease of use. It is sleek, responsive and a joy to use. I wanted a Samsung product since I am now using the Galaxy Blaze smart phone and enjoy that device very much. I considered upgrading to the Galaxy Note, but after comparing both devices I choose the Tab 2 for it's price as I am not a gamer and don't require the fastest processors.
    I've had it only a few days and so far, I am enjoying it very much !
    BTW, Squaretrade warranty is the only way to go. they have come through now 3 times for me ....I would never own another electronic device without their warranty. Let's face it...these things break sooner or later !!!!
  • I. Davila "Izzy D." - As good as Dark Side, and WallPink Floyd is probably the best artistic music group to come out of the Twentieth century, and this album is as good as anything in their discography. The album transcends pop music, and has become an underrated iconic work of art portraying modern humankind. But I could also say that about most of their albums. For me, this one paints pictures in your head about who you really are in this society, and leaves you feeling empty, wondering what it is we are missing. Not to try and bring you down, but by displaying this metaphor, Pink Floyd helps us to understand we are not alone in our misery. By releasing this album, as well as many others, they show us what they are feeling, and it is the same emotions we are feeling. I usually consider myself a Sheep, but have often related to the Dog story as well. Especially the line, "And when you lose control, You'll reap the harvest you have sown. But it is not beyond me to become a Pig in this contemporary age. Which animal do you resemble?

    The music is great, but most people don't get the long, meloncholy metaphorical compositions. Everybody likes quick snappy songs that you can dance to, and very few understand that music is probably the most emotional and powerful artform in existence. This music takes time to listen to. It is an album to play whenever, whether you are working, driving, relaxing, self medicating, sleeping, this is the soundtrack to your life. Pink Floyd was so ahead of their time in everything they did; they still sound futuristic here in the twenty-first century.

    If you like music as an artform, this is for you, if you like mindless music industry products, go buy the latest American Idol winner's CD. In my humble opinion, it is better than The Wall, and Dark Side of the Moon, but not by much.
  • Laura Baker - The True Story Behind The Hutzler 571 Banana SlicerLet me tell you the true story behind the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer. I am from a poor family that lived in the desert town of Los Bananas Schlamanas surrounded by wild cats and banana trees. Knives were for rich people, so the banana, for us poor people, had to be eaten whole. Yes, we made crude attempts at breaking it evenly, but we knew that this was not how it was meant to be. The rich kids would taunt us, 'Hey', they would shout, 'nice banana, did you break that with your hands, peasant?' Sometimes, after days like this, I would cry myself to sleep. We dined on wild berries and lentils, drank goats milk and made our own cheese. We passed our days dancing in the sand and making sand angels, they were wild carefree and happy days. My brother, Manuelo Johannen Santa Maria Cruz loved to make things. 'Come dance in the sand' we would call out to him, but he would sit under the banana tree, fashioning things from the bark, telling us, 'tomorrow, I will come with you tomorrow'. One day, after a particularly hot afternoon spent dancing in the sand dunes, we joined Manuelo and asked him what he was making. I will never forget that day. He had made a wooden device that could slice a banana. How we rejoiced, now I could answer those taunting rich kids, I could show them my sliced banana. Life was good.
    Some 25 years later, as I recall, a reporter came to our little village to write an article about how our people lived, their customs, diets and so forth. His name was MARVIN HUTZLER. While he was with us we showered him with hospitality, we took him to our favourite sand dunes, made sand angels, and shared our sliced bananas and goats cheese with him. He became as one us, our family. He was particularly interested in Manuelo's banana slicer and took many pictures of it from different angles. We were happy that he was so impressed with Manuelo's banana slicer and felt a sense of pride in being able to offer him sliced banana. After Marvin Hutzler left, we were sad, but my eyes had been opened by the stories of the big city he had told us about, so with a sense of adventure in my heart, I left my homeland to visit the other world Marvin had so often spoken about.
    Life in the big city was harsh - but I was learning all about technology; the internet, cell 'phones, instant messaging, twitter, facebook. So, Marvin Hutzler's stories were true, and it saddened me to see the simpler things in life, like dancing in the sand and running with wild cats were not practiced in this world.
    Feeling sad, I googled the word 'bananas'. You have to understand that I was feeling very homesick. Imagine my shock and dismay when I was taken to this site and saw the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer, my brother's invention.
    Marvin Hutzler had betrayed our family and our honour, he had branded this banana slicer as his own invention, and what's more, made millions of dollars in the process. The countless more millions he will make is difficult to estimate, but judging by the reviews, I think it is safe to say he will be able to live off the proceeds of this for many years to come.
    My heart weeps, but it is bittersweet. My family wants, not for riches, but just to be recognized, and so it makes my heart full of happiness to see how much joy this simple invention, by my brother Manuelo, has bought into the lives of you good dear people. And that, my friends, is the true story behind the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer.
    Bless you all.