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  • Teddy Dover "sarge" - Curtailment of Rights?This is a book that is important to read to understand the slippery slope `logic' used that has led to a curtailment of some civil liberties within America--this opinion I expect will generate some opposing opinions. The author tells the story of how various government agencies were aware of the activities of some 9-11 terrorists, but the agencies were unable or unwilling to communicate internally and externally with each other--turf wars run amuck describes the situation. This inability to communicate ensured a failure to connect the dots thus ensuring the success of the terrorist attack.

    The simplified solution generated by the professionals was to propose and initiate changes to allow for the surveillance of all Americans instead of fixing the communication problems and targeting the bad guys. The solution appears to be more of a power grab at the expense of overall individual Constitutional and legal rights. This book provides a discussion about the telecommunication laws in America and how they were used and abused in the past, primarily by the NSA. Some historically unsavory figures in U.S. history (for example, Admiral Poindexter of Contra-gate fame) reappear with connections to some of the most potentially intrusive surveillance projects imagined. But the information generated and stored is so vast that the NSA has admitted difficulty storing it much less processing or reviewing it for intelligence information and operational information with all its advanced super computers, technology and expertise. General Hayden (head of the NSA and then the CIA) is the key figure to follow due to his leadership position, and I'm not sure he was up to the task despite his promotions and continued service.

    This book is upsetting at the least, but is important to understand where America may be headed (i.e. less free with "Big Brother" listening and watching). I do not argue with the need for the intelligence agencies to operate in a covert matter but it has to be within the law. This book should be read in conjunction with Jane Mayer's "The Dark Side" to see where America has lost its mythical moral high ground.
  • C. Miller "IdoNotes" - Must have software for anyone. Any age is never too soonEveryone puts off the creation of a will till late in life, overlooking all of the possibilities with estate, medical care, living trusts and carrying out of your wishes. It is never too early to put together all the documents and with Willmaker Plus everything is done in a simple interview fashion. You then save and print the documents, have them notorized (or whatever your state requires and the software tells you) and place them somewhere secure.

    To start the process I recommend planning an evening and having every piece of documentation you think you will need handy. Insurance information, banking, mortgage, doctors and even pet information. Also have detailed information on who you will be choosing as an agent or manager for your health, estate, finances and if needed guardianship. With all of this in hand the built in interview wizards make compiling your documents simple.

    Once you fill out information on a person, you can select them again in other documents using a built in address book feature it builds. This saves you from typing information over. You can also link documents together saying you have done a living trust saving even more steps.

    The online reference from NOLO is a resource for anyone at anytime. The even include a great handbook inside the box. At first I thought it was a large user guide until I realized the software doesn't need one!

    BONUS: for todays world the amount of information you store online is incredible. Willmaker Plus 2013 includes an entire interview section about social accounts, passwords, website,s blogs and anything else you can imagine. This gives your family and friends peace of mind they can update, delete or archive off anything you desire in your final papers. Just fill in the proper fields and it is stored.

    Just remember anytime you eve make a change, just go back and redo that document, print and have it signed. You are all set! Great software for everyone to invest in.
  • M. Keith "We're All DeVO" - Awesome 3D glasses!These glasses work great with my Panasonic Plasma TC-P55GT30 (55") TV. They sync up automatically with the TV and charge easily with USB wall charger. They are comfortable while wearing through an entire movie,and seem to be very durable.
    I don't have any other 3D glasses to compare these to visually or comfort wise but since i have no complaints about either of those i give these 3D glasses a 5 star rating,especially with the relatively low $50 cost.I'll be ordering another pair.
  • JRev8 - Home Run !!!Let me just start off by saying that this is the BEST stroller I have ever owned (owned the Britax B-Nimble, various Graco strollers, and Baby Jogger Mini City). The B-Agile is just that, agile. The three wheel design makes for quick and easy turns with a smooth ride. The break is very functional with one foot easy to push and easy to take-off design. The frame is very very sturdy and well made as I expect nothing less from Britax. The fabric is very easy to clean and also very durable. The shade canopy is just awesome, it is large and does a great job blocking the sun. I love the mesh window at the back of the canopy so I can see my liitle one. The canopy also has multiple levels of adjustment. Instead of just being able to have the canopy way up or down it has various adjustments to have the shade at just the right level. I have a Britax Chaperone baby carrier and when installed with this B-Agile the shade perfectly meets up with the Chaperone's shade giving complete coverage for my baby. It has a great adjustable seat that adjusts to the size of your child. The adjustment process is easy, it has a pull cord to adjust to which ever angle you wish, literally any angle you want and a clip you push with two fingers to release to go back downward. You can lay it almost completely flat for infants and sit it completely up for the bigger kids or down again for naps. When the seat is back all the way for naps, there is a large mesh window in the back which provides great air flow to keep little ones cool while keeping bugs out. The storage space is good with a nice sized bin under the seating area and a large bag/pouch that is attached to the back, it has a zipper to keep things secure. The B-Agile is very light weight and my wife(5'4" 109 lbs)can't say enough about that, very light! Folding is a breeze, push a button on the side of the frame area with one hand while holding a handle in the middle of the seat with the other hand and wah la it's folded up. To unfold there is a clip on the side, pull that and done unfolded. When folded it fits easily in the trunk of our sedan.

    There are two things I would have liked but not deal breakers. One I wish it came with some accessories. It came with no cup holders,no tray, or rain shield. Also an adjustable handle would be nice. The rain guard, and other accessories can be purhased, but it would have been nice if it came with at least a Rain Shield. The adjustable handle is not important to me because the current height is perfect (I'm 5'11") but I could see it being a problem for tall people. But really this is the best, I can't say enough about this stroller. I highly recommend this stroller for anyone in the market for one, look no more this is the one!
  • S. Heilbronner - Stunning book as much about human connections as it is photographyI am blown away by George Lange's new book. What's here for me is a wonderful deep dive into human interaction, within the frame of a book about photography. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of wonderful tips and thoughts on the art of photography itself, but I'm not a photographer (in any sense of the word), and I LOVED not only the photos but the wonderful mirror on how we live, what we capture, how we think about "beauty." George is an amazingly passionate, authentic guy...and viewing the world through his eyes (which I guess he often closes) or at least his heart and an extraordinary romp.

    Can't say enough about it. Loved it.