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  • S. Segal - Don't judge the book by its coverIf you are looking for an easy to understand introduction to Maya, this book is for you. Each step is described with simple instructions and further details are explained later in each chapter. This is definitely not an advanced approach to Maya, it is only the basics and that is its strength. In paring down each step in the process to easy to understand explanations, Maya's steep learning curve is flattened out. While defining the step by step processes, Naas also gives us common problems, so we can trouble shoot as well as follow the steps. At the end of each chapter the author adds a short suggestion to take you beyond the essentials for a more advanced approach.

    The book begins with a simple animation exercise, which is a smart way to go. It might seem more logical to explain how to build a model and then teach how to animate it, but by saving the most complex part of the process (rigging) for later Naas makes the learning process much more fun. The text is broken up basically into chapters on modeling, both poly and subdivision surfaces, then surfacing, blend shapes, joints, weights, rigging, animation, lighting and finally rendering and compositing; pretty much everything you need to get started.

    My only complaint about the book is the cover illustration, the character is not very appealing and the pose is awkward, but don't let the cover dissuade you from getting this book. I recommended it highly.
  • Matthew Borg - for wife's usewife suffers slight dementia which can lead to a perception of her not feeling hungry,
    so ensure is the answer for nutrition, and she loves the taste. the price was absolutely below typical drug supply stores.highly recommend it for these circumstances
  • Darrel Poppino "Have a good day!" - Good for the priceI got mine straight from Orgreenic.com; the two 10 inch pans with the free ceramic knife. While it is true that you need to "treat" or "season" the pans, after that they work just fine. I've used mine for sautéing vegetables to making sauces and had great results. I have bought brand name pans in the past for about the same price that did not work as good as these. The free knife, there is nothing great about it. You get what you pay for, so for free - I have no complaints. I almost always cook with virgin olive oil and these pans have not made any of my dishes stick. I'm actually thinking of buying the complete Orgreenic cookware set. I like the fact that I don't need to worry about swallowing some teflon flakes in my food.
  • John Dunten - Just what I neededMy daughter in law is lawyer and specializes in making wills. I asked her how much she would charge and was told $350.00 was the family price.
    I called my son, who is also a lawyer and was told to not pay her but go on line and that is where I found WilMaker Plus.
    Very easy to download and fill in the blanks. I would recommend this product to any one and have.