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  • J. Calhoun - No-hassle protectionProduct seems to be doing the job. I was using MS Security Essentials ($free) for some time until I discovered I was getting what I paid for. Reviews said Norton was a top performer for protection. I had tried Kaspersky previously, and although the protection was great, I got tired of a few annoyances which never got cleaned up.

    Norton was easy to install. Easy to use. Easy to interact with. Symantec maintains the license online (3 were included with the purchase). I have used 2 so far. I don't know what they do if you uninstall it from a computer in order to install it on a different one - whether you get the license back to use again or just lose it.
  • Danny Otero - Niice!Very easy setup and easy to use. I installed it on my laptop which doesn't have Bluetooth to use with my new Bluetooth speaker. I was impressed that i was immediately able to stream music and listen to my movies quickly with no lag. It picks up all Bluetooth devices. My phone and tablet synced with no problem and i was able to use some features such as streaming music and saving files. I highly recommend if your computer or laptop doesn't have Bluetooth.
  • g8rben - Still getting played!We got this game with our new Kinect system at Christmas 2010. Our 7 and 4 year old boys still both play it regularly. Very quickly our 4 year old mastered the controls and gets the game started, signs in to his game and goes to it. Our 7 year old has moved through the game more quickly and enjoys it as a diversion to his go-to game Burnout Paradise. Beautifully rendered with great use of the Kinect Controller. Definitely recommend.
  • Q. Ellis "queridaphile" - TASTES GREAT! BONE ITIS!JESUS IS LORD!

    Hello everyone. I have bone-itis. I . . . did not drink milk. . . i didn't head the message that 3 glasses a day build strong bones! Now I am using dragon natural speaking to type this to you because my fingers are not strong ehough to type!

    But then I drunk Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz of HEALING! and now the doctor says that my bone itis is stil la hideous uncurable disease! But the milk sure is tasty!!!!!

  • Jeremy DeRuiter - Whirlwind Read!I ripped through this book--and loved every chapter, every page, along the way. I alternated between reading it when home and listening to (the very well performed) Audible book during my commute.

    It's not often that I am able to stumble across a book--I have so many waiting on my shelves to read, and receive so many recommendations from friends and podcasts alike, that I very rarely find myself blindly browsing Amazon. But when I received notification that Amazon was now offering a break on Kindle editions for books purchased through them, I went out specifically looking for a title I didn't already own, saw the rave reviews for Wool, along with the plug from Justin Cronin (having devoured The Passage and The Twelve), I pulled the trigger.

    I love all sorts of Sci Fi, and dystopian post-apocalyptic is a particular sweet spot, so given that, and then Howey's incredible attention to building a fully lived-in and fleshed-out reality, and I was hooked. Great characters, stellar pacing, thrilling twists--so much fun! Can't recommend it highly enough!

    And can I also just say how much fun it is to know there are already sequels out there waiting for me?! Hooray!