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  • D. Villarreal - Great nasal aspirator!We bought this a few months after my son was born, from Canada. We had used the Nose Frida before the Baby Vac, and with sucking out his secretions by mouth, I ended up catching every cold he had, with the world's worst sore throat every time. After that, I decided to look for a suction that could be attached to a vacuum. We actually bought a quiet canister vacuum to use with this suction, and this whole set up works so well! Our son, who is in daycare full-time and does get sick twice a month for about 10 days each, has only had 1 ear infection in 15 months. He sleeps well through each cold (after the aspiration), effectively fighting it off and strengthening his immune system. With a little saline, and the vacuum set on the lowest setting (I found it actually works better at easing out tough secretions), we clean his nose out every day when he is congested - multiple times a day when he's really congested. It's amazing how much it sucks out sometimes. I recommend it to everyone!
  • Joshua D. Washburn "jwashbur" - I love the Transformer Prime!I dont understand all the negative reviews. This tablet is awesome. Ordered mine on December 18th, and I received it today. The screen is beautiful! The tablet looks very cool. The spun metallic look is sweet. I didnt notice many changes after updating to Android 3.2.1, but things seem to be working well. I haven't had any issues with the wifi.

    Watching soccer on ESPN3 is so cool. I did notice that the video seemed jittery at times even though I had 4 bars. Maybe it's a Flash issue. I did have to install the Flash 11 update and reboot before ESPN3 would work.

    UPDATE: the Dolphin browser works great for streaming ESPN3.

    UPDATE: Using Splashtop remote (app included under MyCloud > MyDesktop) to stream ESPN3 from my PC works great! Streaming HDTV shows that I have recorded also works well. The quality is not perfect, but convenience is great. I use Windows Media Center, an antenna, and the AverTVHD USB TV tuner to record HDTV shows from local stations AVerMedia AVerTVHD Volar MAX USB TV Tuner MTVHDVMXR. Works great!

    Shadowgun is definitely an impressive game for a tablet.

    The onscreen keyboard seems a little slow, but I assume there is some setting that may fix that, or perhaps downloading a different keyboard. I ordered the Transformer keyboard dock anyway.

    Using Gmail and browsing is great!

    Fantastic tablet!
  • Scott Randal - Enjoy math all year!Good value for the price; 365 creative math problems from arithmetic, algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trig., and precalculus. Plus some brainbuster problems and a crossword puzzle. Each month has a write-up on some topic such as "the parabola's staying power." Attractive graphics throughout. I enjoyed solving several of the problems last night.